Creator : Ian Flynn, Maddi Gonzalez, and Space Goat Productions

Ian Flynn – Writer

Ian Flynn is a freelance writer who’s done work for comics, television and videogames.  He’s best known for his work on videogame comics like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, making him a perfect fit for the buggy game world of Uncanny Valley High.

Maddi Gonzalez – Illustrator

Maddi Gonzalez is a queer Xicana artist from the Rio Grande Valley. An advocate for accessible art and/or education, she creates work based on coping with mental health, love, life, and loss. She loves exploring and experimenting in the bizarrely adorable world of Uncanny Valley High.

Taylor Smith – Editor

Taylor Smith is the editor and creative director for several comics, board games and tabletop RPGs. Some major projects that Taylor has facilitated include The Evil Dead 2: Board Game and Spell, a role playing game he wrote and designed. Using this experience he has helped create characters and stories that are more than a little bit quirky in Uncanny Valley High.