Creator : Sarah “Neila” Elkins and Ru Xu (DNA-RW)


Sarah “Neila” Elkins is a largely self-taught art mercenary and writer who attempts to work on more projects than she can physically handle. Her hobbies include finding inventive ways to turn rest into work. She is addicted to writing, drawing, and telling stories in any way possible. Much of the time she can be found filling Twitter with weird fiction as NeilaK20. She draws the line art for the webcomic Here There Be Monsters.

Ru Xu graduated from SCAD with a BFA in Sequential Art. Currently, she’s working on her webcomic Saint for Rent with the Hiveworks and an original graphic novel series with Scholastic/Graphix. You can find her on twitter as @saintfortweets. Saint for Rent, a semi-animated story about inns for time travelers, can be found at