Creator : Ellery Prime (eprime)


Ellery Prime began writing long before the Internet was around to appreciate it, but eventually technology caught up, and her love affair with fandom began. These days, her personal muse and taskmaster, Darth, bullies her into getting the voices out of her mind and onto the computer screen, otherwise she misses turns when she’s driving because she can’t stop telling herself stories in her head. Her philosophy for life and literature is that everything is better with a little bit of edge, a hint of the uncanny, and a dash of humor. Currently, she’s nursing a broken toe after attempting to channel He-Man on the stairs. She suspects it’s Darth’s way of making sure she meets her deadlines.

Check out her Tumblr and Twitter for pretty boys and geeky things, and browse through her archive of fannish efforts on Livejournal, if you dare. Image by epithalamium.