Characters : Rose Chevalley

Name: Rose Chevalley
Gender: Female

Series: Dire Hearts

Description: A young woman training at the Vector Magical Academy to become a Caster of the Kingdom. While casting comes as second nature to most women, to Rose, it’s like pulling teeth. She can’t cast more than a simple puff of smoke, let alone wrap her head around how to code a spell above grade-school level—so she feels like a constant failure not only as a Caster, but at as a woman. And since most jobs for women in Vector society are code-based, a woman who can’t cast doesn’t have much of a future. The best Rose can hope for is to marry up and find a man willing to take care of her. And the only man who’s ever shown any interest in her is her Dias, Eigen. If only his intentions were less mysterious, and his constant attention less irritating…