Characters : Del Featherbottom (PC: Jen Lee Quick)

Age: 30?
Gender identity: Agender (AFAB)
Psychic power: Animal empathy/communication
Sponsoring government: Canada
Program: Unassigned

Played by Jen Lee Quick and clearly named by the chatroom. Special thanks to 5-pm for original character design and Sarah “Neila” Elkins for Tofu design; this art by Angeline Mauri.

Del (birth name: Delilah) had problems at home in their youth, and ended up homeless in a major Canadian city. Taken in by the police for a petty crime, the government realized Del’s psychic/emotional connection to animals and brought them to ESPU for rehabilitation and training. Del has some difficulty socializing with humans, and feels more comfortable around animals – especially their intrepid cat Tofu.