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Gauntlet ebook (complete) in the Shop!


The complete Gauntlet ebook–featuring revised text from the online serialization, a new bonus story about Britt and Lilah, and some exclusive mini comics–is now available in the Sparkler Shop! If you were one of the Gauntlet Kickstarter supporters entitled to this, check your inbox! You should have a download link waiting for you right now. <3 A paperback version and new Gauntlet goods will be arriving in the next few months.

If that’s not enough Gauntlet for you, don’t forget that Cherry Bomb has an exclusive short story as well. For you Black Jack fans. ;)

Big Bad Wolf and more in the shop!


We’re thrilled to announce that the first paperback edition of SG Lee’s webfiction series Tales of the Big Bad Wolf Volume 1: Red Riding Hood has debuted in the Sparkler Shop as part of our Sparkler Distro program! The multiple-format ebook is also available, and can be bundled with the paperback for a discount. Fairytale and prose fans, this massive tome is sure to delight you. Shipping can be combined with anything else we sell.

Also now available in our shop – the long-awaited TJ & Amal Volume 3 (and complete series set) for you EK Weaver fans! (Which should be all of you, BECAUSE SHE’S AMAZING.) We also have ebook downloads of the complete Ring of Saturn comic by Kaiju and a pre-order for Jessica Chavez/Irene Flores’s spooky-yet-hilarious novel Dead Endings, since both series have ended in Issue #013. And if you missed last week’s announcement, we’re also carrying Jamie Lynn Lano’s incredible memoir of working on manga in Japan: The Princess of Tennis.

That’s a lot of great work by a lot of great ladies. Enjoy!

Princess of Tennis now in the shop!


We’re proud to announce that The Princess of Tennis–the memoir of Jamie Lynn Lano, the American artist who worked as an assistant on Takeshi Konomi‘s Prince of Tennis manga in Japan–is now available as a paperback and ebook in our shop through the Sparkler Distro program! First published as a series of essays on her website (jamieism.com), this expanded version contains photos, illustrations, and her riveting, behind-the-scenes story of working in Konomi’s world-famous studio. For those of you who dream of making manga (especially in Japan), this book will blow your mind. It can now be purchased through the Sparkler Shop, combining shipping with anything else we sell.

Little Foolery and more in the shop!


We’re proud to announce that Little Foolery paperbacks are now available in our shop through the Sparkler Distro program! Little Foolery – the creative team of Alex “Muun” Singer and Jayd “Chira” Aït-Kaci – have been publishing their own fantastic comics and illustrated prose for years, including Sfeer Theory (available online here), That Which Wills, and the upcoming Small Town Witch. Their paperbacks are gorgeous (seriously, the Sfeer Theory books have foil cover highlights and are breathtaking) and can now be purchased through the Sparkler Shop, combining shipping with anything else we sell.

Also now available in our shop – ebook downloads of all our shorts! Maiden and the Fish, Before You Go, and Dinner Ditz can now be purchased for $3 – $5 each. Download these great short stories to your e-reader of choice!