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The Final Issue

To our dearest readers and supporters,

Wow. We originally planned to release this final issue of the magazine back in the summer or fall of 2019, after we took a few weeks off from our hectic Sparkler schedules to focus on our own lives for a bit. But a few weeks turned into a month, then into several months, then into more than a year…and now we’re here, in late November of 2020, in a world very different from the one we left in Issue #071.

First of all, we’re truly sorry we disappeared into the mist for so long. As anyone who runs a small business will tell you, work like this really devours your life while you’re running it. When we took a break, we started addressing overdue health issues, we moved our homes (multiple times!), we looked for new jobs, and we restarted very neglected social lives, while the ghost of Sparkler’s unfinished projects turned into the Impossible Task. We left a lot of things undone over the years, and now we would never do them at all, which meant we broke promises with the public that even doing the final issue would never fix. In addition to that, we were exhausted, the money was gone, and our dreams with this company had “ended,” so to speak. It’s not unusual at all for a small publishing house to shut down, and you all were so supportive when we announced our closing, but all these factors–and others–made that last batch of work incredibly hard to start, and even harder to finish. There’s a reason why so many companies shut down suddenly and don’t invest the time, money, and emotion to give things proper closure. It’s hard. Then a global pandemic hit everyone in March 2020, and we wondered if this was the sign that we would never finish this final issue at all.

But we found a way. Sparkler, its creators, and its readers deserve some kind of a send-off, and we feel so much better getting this out into the world. Even if you’re not reading this, your support meant everything to us over the last seven years, and we’re sorry we made you wait so long for a proper goodbye. We’re also sorry for the incomplete projects and the unfulfilled goals, the falling out of touch and the chaotic messiness of the editors’ room. We’re so, so thankful you gave this dream a chance. We don’t regret doing Sparkler, even though it took so much from us and ended in a difficult way. This was worth it. Truly. We can’t wait to see the new publishing houses, the new art, and the new dreams that come from all of you, whether you take inspiration from what we did or simply learn from our failures. You can always leave the publishing industry better than you found it, so we challenge you to do so, whether as a consumer, creator, or innovator!

And we hope you follow our creators in their next endeavors, if you haven’t already. Many of them have already found new homes for their comics or new projects to pour their talents into–we’ve included some links to those in this issue! But when in doubt, just do a search for the creator who made your favorite Sparkler project, because so many of them have been putting out amazing content and sharing it with the world.

The chapters included in this issue are a mix of things completed over a year ago and things we finished a matter of days ago. We hope you enjoy them! And now that we’re (FINALLY!) fulfilling the Before You Go Kickstarter, we have a limited number of leftover paperbacks and merch items for sale in the Sparkler Shop. If you want to own a copy of that, be sure to get it, because we’ll be closing our home website at the end of 2020.

Thank you for everything, folks. We can’t wait to see what everyone does next. <3


The Sparkler Staff

The Second-to-last Sparkler

At this point, most of you know that Sparkler is coming to an end after next issue. We’re still chugging along trying to finish off the year, though with our staff scattering and looking for work it took a bit longer than usual. Anyway, we’re all still glad you’re here reading this! We want to end on a high note, after all :D

In our penultimate Sparkler issue, we’ve got more from some of our favorite creators: In A Call Away From Home, the triplets’ friend Yoyo comes to visit–and Hotah sure acts different when Yoyo’s around, doesn’t he? In Sunshine Boy, Jo tries to be the voice of reason in Kurt and Anna’s argument–and knowing Kurt, I’m sure you can all guess how well that goes over. In Magical How, Gabe heads home to see his family, and in Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die, Rosiel and Maisie make a run for it, stolen magical book in hand and tons of bad guys on their heels!

The next issue, issue #072, will be the final issue of Sparkler. We’ll be posting information about where you’ll be able to read more of our ongoing series after the magazine ends, so please keep an eye on our site, the final issue, and social media for that info. We hope you’ll keep supporting our creators wherever they go–they are an extremely talented bunch of people, and I’m sure you’ll see great things from all of them.

Thank you all ❤

Sparkler Staff

Important news about the future of Sparkler

Hi everyone,

We have some unfortunate news. Chromatic Press will be shutting down our major publishing operations at the beginning of August. The final issue of Sparkler Monthly will come out in July, two issues from now–the final issue of Year 6 will now be the final issue of the entire magazine. After that, we plan to finish up some projects before shutting down the entire company in December.

This has been an extremely tough decision for us. Although we had several years with a small but encouraging profit, this past year we’ve struggled to make enough money to run on, and despite trying to turn things around, our readership just isn’t as big as we need it to be to keep going. We’ve spent the last few months trying to find ways to keep the company and the magazine going, but nothing worked out, and we don’t want to cause stress and pain by dragging something out if we don’t have confidence it will get better. We hope at this point that we can end Sparkler with dignity and close this chapter in all our lives, allowing our creators and staff to move on to better things.

Thank you so much to all of our fans–everyone who’s left a comment, drawn a piece of fanart, bought a book or a membership, or just read and enjoyed the work we put out there. Your support has meant the world to us. None of this would have been possible without you, and words can’t convey how grateful we are that you gave us a chance.

We also wanted to give an extra shout-out to the batch of very special Sparkler fans out there–you know who you are–who supported EVERYTHING we did. There were some names we saw pop up for years pledging to every Kickstarter, buying in on every membership drive, and jumping to help in every call for support, even if it was something they’d already done. Some of these incredible Sparkler fans have been active on social media and in our Discord, but others were more reserved and just privately helped us carry on through thick and thin. We know plenty of intensely loyal fans of individual creators and series, but showing that kind of support for an entire publisher truly floored us, and we want you to know that when we saw your name come up again and again, we all laughed and smiled together at the office, and you gave us the fuel to keep going when times were hard. Truly, thank you so much for always being there.

We plan to spend the next few months tying up loose ends–finishing off Kickstarters, selling through our stock of books, and publishing the endings of several of our series that are close to finishing. Stories that are still ongoing will likely be moving to different platforms or publishers, and we hope you’ll continue to support our creators wherever they go. We’ll be making an update about the logistics shortly on this thread.

We started this company because we wanted to publish the kind of stories that we wanted to read–progressive, accessible, and fun, where everyone is welcome but women and queer people are the stars of the show (including the creators, staff, and the ones owning and making decisions for the company). Even if Sparkler is ending, we are so, so proud of the work we did, and when we look around at the wildly talented people we’ve had the joy of working with–creators and staff alike–we know you haven’t seen the last of any of us. I hope that, in some small way, we’ve been a positive force in this industry.

Thank you all so much for taking this journey with us. With gratitude and love,

Rebecca, Lianne, and the Sparkler Staff


Some logistics about the next few months:

In order to focus on finishing the magazine, our shop will not be shipping orders between now and the end of July–however, shipping will resume in August, and we will be throwing a big warehouse sale starting this week so our readers can pick up any pending books they’ve been eyeing. Here are the details:

1.) This Friday, June 14th, we will be discounting our books and ebooks as much as 50% off, and we will start selling the four new books we recently got in: Tokyo Demons Book 3, Decoy and Retrofit, The Jackson Lunta Snow Dance Song, and the Magical How Cherry Bomb (17+) bonus story doujinshi.

2.) You will be able to purchase the books immediately starting on Friday–please note that some have limited quantities–but the books will ship in August. Once we’re in August, shipments from that point forward will ship at a normal speed (a few days after purchase).

3.) We plan to sell our remaining books at least through the fall. Our website should also be running at least through the fall, with new comic pages coming out on the website as their serialization catches up with what we published in the magazine.

Any outstanding Kickstarter orders or problem packages will be shipped by August as well. Kickstarter items that we’re still working on (Before You Go, plus some merch mostly) will be shipped as soon as the items come in, and you’ll be updated through Kickstarter itself.

Thank you all again for your support.

April Showers Bring May Comics (and Prose!)

Hey there, Sparkler Readers! I hope you’re all enjoying the change in seasons wherever you are–those of you in school finally close to your well-deserved break, Southern Hemisphere readers getting a reprieve from the heat, and up here in the North finally getting weather that at least kind of resembles spring.

This month, we’re celebrating our comic Firebird, Tacto’s fascinating drama about art and obsession, with an intense, technicolor cover! Firebird is quickly heading toward its conclusion now, so it’s a great time to catch up on this old-school-shoujo-inspired comic.

Also this month: in Never Heroes, the gang finally has some sort of plan for what to do next (that doesn’t involve anyone getting turned in to the authorities, Alder), and in Sunshine Boy, Kurt and Anna’s fight has gotten so bad that Jo gets drafted to be the world’s most awkward marriage counselor. In Tokyo Ghosts, Jo’s life is a huge, self-inflicted mess that will take some serious work to fix, and in Windrose, Danielle has a happy reunion…but where are Angeline and Leon?

We hope you enjoy the new issue!

XOXO Sparkler Staff

Sparkler Monthly: Maturity, Professionalism, and Class

Dear Sparkler Readers,

Today we celebrate a momentous achievement! After nearly six years, we are thrilled to present to you our sixty-ninth issue. What a proud day for all of our staff and creators!

Of course, we are far too dignified to make any…uncouth comments on the number of this issue.

In Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die, the three paragons of good behavior Maisie, Antonia, and Rosiel attempt some subterfuge! Unfortunately, it doesn’t go very well, as you can see from our cover illustration–which shows what may be the least subtle scene in the series so far.

Meanwhile, in Orange Junk, Drew and Miles are looking to the future like the respectable young men they are, and in Sunshine Boy, Kurt and Anna would never get into a massive fight because both of them control their tempers so well. In A Call Away From Home, Kangee has nothing to worry about because his brother Dahlton always makes the best decisions! And in Magical How?, Booker is a poster boy for healthy family relationships, as always.

We thank you, Gentle Readers, for being with us today and always.

Sincerely Yours,

Sparkler Staff

In like a lion, out like a lamb

Happy almost-spring (?), Sparkler fans! In the tradition of the old saying about March weather, this month’s Sparkler series are half hardcore emotional and physical turmoil, half kinda chill.

Orange Junk gets even more dramatic as Aimee and Miles’ rivalry reaches new heights. In Never Heroes, the gang takes a break, hits a dive bar, and tries to figure out what the heck to do. Windrose hits a climax as Danielle’s quest balances on a knife’s edge over disaster. Meanwhile, in Life’s a Witch, the witches take in the sights and sounds of the city of fantasy-Damascus as they start gathering intel. And last but not least, Sunshine Boy’s Kelly brightens the lives of all the people around him through forgiveness, caring and a little bit of tough love–just like his mom Anna is brightening up this month’s cover!

Speaking of Kelly and Anna, we’re so happy to say that the Sunshine Boy Volume 1 paperback is now on sale! And as a special March treat, if you buy the book from the Sparkler Shop this month, we’ll include a free mini print with your paperback.

Thank you all for reading–we hope you enjoy the issue!


Sparkler Staff

Happy Valentine’s Day~ *hic*

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sparkler fans!

For our February issue, we’ve got the always charming Jo Oda wishing you a *hic* wonderful Valentine’s, and welcoming you to the long-awaited launch of the Tokyo Demons sequel, Tokyo Ghosts! The sequel series takes place five years after the ending of Tokyo Demons and follows Jo, Ayase, and their friends and enemies through a new adventure: adulthood. Also, literal adventure. Can you guess which one they’re better at handling?

It’s a messy month in all our series. Aimée brings some unwelcome romantic complications into Drew’s life in Orange Junk, Booker tries to leave Gabe, Hal, and everything behind in Magical How?, and in Life’s a Witch, a creepy newcomer makes Ros’s life a lot more difficult. But in Sunshine Boy, both Grey and bully Logan make an effort to mend fences and bring a little more peace to their classroom.

We’ve got some big changes in the works here at Sparkler which will hopefully make downloading and reading the issue, and navigating the site, work better! For now, we hope the new table of contents and chapter intro pages make keeping up with your favorite series easier–and we’ll have new, bigger announcements coming soon!

The Sparkler Team

New year, new content!

Happy New Year, Sparkler readers!

First of all, our Before You Go Graphic Novel Kickstarter is over in a few days, and it’s close to the goal, but it could use a little more help to cross the finish line. (And our first Stretch Goal is a brand-new epilogue comic from Denise, which we’d love to include in the paperback!) Check it out to get yourself the book and some adorable lesbian merch. <3

Speaking of ladies lovin’ ladies, we’re excited to share our January issue with you all, which features Windrose on the cover–specifically resourceful Danielle and dashing Angeline in a heated embrace! That swashbuckling series with Big Bisexual Energy ends in a few chapters, so every new installment has been jaw-droppingly exciting. This month is no exception, so enjoy the thrill! *_*

Never Heroes is back this month, too, with our three (never) heroes having a chat with the creepy but oddly charming Onaskellis! :O In a less terrifying installment of Sunshine Boyone of Grey’s classmates wants to apologize…and make a surprising confession. Firebird explodes with color this month in a ballet extravaganza, but darkness looms over the stage and between the ailing Sasha and the panicking Luca. And in our RPG play podcast Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die, our heroes are ambushed in bed and everything goes to hell!

This is a great issue, you’re great readers, and we’re ready for a great 2019! Enjoy~


The Sparkler Staff

Cuties and Chaos

Hi, Sparkler fans!

This month, we’ve got a few fun surprises for all our loyal members.

As you can see from the (endlessly adorable) cover, Before You Go is on Kickstarter right now through late January! Newer Sparkler fans might not remember this adorable series, since it ran in the magazine and on the site several years ago, but we’re thrilled to finally have the chance to put it in print! 

Before You Go is a sweet story about two young women falling in love and building a life together. It’s a manga-style lesbian love story featuring adult main characters who are cute without being annoying, plus, nobody dies or ends up with a guy in the end. Coming out and homophobia do touch the story a few times, but they aren’t the focus–Before You Go is more about the issues every couple goes through, like communication missteps and everyday arguments, moving in together and meeting the parents. If you want something lovely and uplifting that sidesteps many of the genre clichés we’re all sick of, Before You Go might be for you!

So in honor of the Kickstarter, we’re reprinting the second Before You Go story in this issue of Sparkler–Before You Go: Halfway There! We thought this holiday-themed chapter was appropriate for this time of year. We hope you enjoy the preview, and that you’ll consider supporting the Kickstarter!

Second, as a gift for everyone who’s stuck with us all this time, we’re offering all members a $6-off coupon to the Sparkler Shop! We’ve got several ebooks under that price that you’ll be able to get for free, or put you can it toward a paperback! We hope you’ll take advantage and bring in the New Year with Sparkler! Check out the notice in the issue for details.

This issue also has a double dose of Moosopp: the passive-aggressive Battle of the Dads continues in Sunshine Boy, and new hints about what the heck Cas’s deal even is are revealed in A Call Away From Home. Tokyo Demons is back with a short centered around everyone’s favorite creepy-yet-lovable psychic Kadoyuki dealing with trauma, sticky relationships, and trying to live a normal-ish life when nothing about him is normal–this is the last short story before the beginning of series two, Tokyo Ghosts, in a few months! And last but not least, in Life’s a Witch, the witches hit the streets, the shops, and the public baths. Oh yes, this is both a makeover episode and a hot springs episode. So much awkwardness ensues.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2018! We’ve got big things in store for 2019, and from all the Sparkler staff, thank you so much for sticking with us. Onward and upward!


The Sparkler Staff

Sparkler in the Spotlight

Hi, Sparkler fans!

This month, our cover features Orange Junk‘s newest and most famous character, Aimeé! When a real-live celebrity joins their class and their friend group, what are attention-hating Bruce and caustic, difficult Miles to do? Will the entire school be thrown into chaos as they try to snap a pic? Will Jack ever regain control of his class?

Firebird tackles the darker side of a career in music or dance as injuries plague the main characters, and the ladies of Windrose and Life’s a Witch both seek a different kind of attention, as Danielle gets caught in a high-stakes stand-off, and Antonia becomes the World’s Most Difficult Customer to cause a distraction at just the right moment. And in Sunshine Boy, awkward, quiet Jo faces the kind of attention he dreads more than anything…when Kurt gets ahold of some embarrassing old photos!

And right now, we’re looking for some new comics to put in the Sparkler spotlight–open submissions close TOMORROW, on November 30th! Comic artists, remember to send in your pitches by 11:59 PST on Friday night!

This issue, we’re also putting a spotlight on our incredible, generous Kickstarter supporters, whose names you can see listed inside the issue itself. Thank you all so much for your support–Sparkler wouldn’t exist at all without you!


The Sparkler Staff

Boo! Say hello to the new issue of Spookler–er, SPARKLER!

Get comfy in your favorite costume and pull up a big bowl of candy, because it’s time for our boo-tiful new Halloween issue!

We always love doing a fun Halloween cover, and this year, we’re featuring cosplay AND a crossover from Moosopp’s two comic series: Sunshine Boy and A Call Away from Home! The cover art is manipulating time and space to have both Kelly and his granduncle Dahlton appear together at those ages. SPOOKY! But they pair perfectly, especially since we’ve got a brand-new chapter from both series running in this issue.

We’ve got more treats than that: Orange Junk is back this month, for more Miles and more mayhem! And speaking of mayhem, our RPG play podcast Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die continues from where we last left off, with our heroes killing a bunch of bad dudes. (Now to find out what the bad dudes were after!) We also have the final section of the second Null Point story running this month…with Nami and Reham talking through their issues while spending some quality time together. Hubba hubba!

Since this is a spooktacular month, our VIP and Sparkler Ship members are getting some scary awesome books on top of the issue. All VIP members are getting two free ebooks: the self-contained short DNA-RW by Sarah “Neila” Elkins and Ru Xu–the sci-fi story of a mutating girl chasing a serial killer(!)–and Gatesmith Volume 1, Jen Lee Quick‘s supernatural Western horror that will creep you out in all the best ways. (And Gatesmith was the series she started right after Off*Beat–talk about creative range!) Sparkler Ships members get those ebooks plus the paperback Dead Endingsthe snarky NYC ghost story/mystery by Jessica Chavez and Irene Flores. It’s one of our classic light novels, and more is coming as the sequel continues serializing this year.

Thank you so, so much for helping our Year 6 Kickstarter succeed! Sparkler’s got a ton of cool stuff planned for this year, and now we can do it, thanks to you. <3 If you pledged on the Kickstarter, you’ll be getting surveys soon so you can claim your rewards and tell us how you want to be credited in the Thank You page in an upcoming issue. And now we can run full-speed into our first Year 6 project…

We just opened submissions again! We’re looking for new comics for the site and the magazine, and we’re happy to consider comics that are already running elsewhere online. Submissions close at the end of November and require completed pages for us to look at, so check out the details at the link! We hope to feature YOU in a future issue. <3

Happy Halloween~

Sparkler Gets Dramatic

Hey, Sparkler fans! We hope you’re all safe and sound after an intense start to hurricane season.

This month, we’ve got some serious family drama in both Magical How and Windrose–the kind that might end with a body count. The boys’ dads engage in some very awkward bonding in Sunshine Boy, and shit hits the fan, both literally and figuratively, in our RPG podcast Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die. And last but not least, in this month’s cover series Never Heroes, our main characters meet up again after twenty years…and find out that the problems they left behind them never really went away.

This is the first month of our new VIP and Sparkler Ships system! That means that all VIP members get a free ebook download: this month’s VIP ebook is Mahou Josei Chimaka, KaiJu’s loving send-up of the Magical Girl genre. Sparkler Ships members get the VIP ebook, and also a copy of our newest paperback, Magical How?!, shipped right to them! Since Sparkler Ships is currently only available through the Kickstarter, the September books will be held until the Kickstarter ends…but Sparkler Ships memberships will be available soon on the site.

You can also buy the Magical How?! paperback through the Sparkler store!

And finally, the Sparkler Kickstarter is running right now, and we still have a ways to go to reach our goal. If you like the work we do, please consider pledging to the Kickstarter, and let your friends know about it, too! We’ve got so many exciting plans for this coming year, but we can’t make them happen without support from our readers.

See you next month! <3


Sparkler Staff

Year 6 begins with a Kickstarter and a new series!

It’s that special time again, Sparkler fans! After completing five (!) full years of this digital magazine–60 issues in all–we’re here to kick off Year 6 with an exciting Kickstarter! \^o^/

Like the last several years, the Sparkler Monthly Magazine: Year 6 Kickstarter just launched and will be running for about a month–this is how we sell enough memberships, ebooks, paperbacks, and other merch in one big fundraiser to ensure we can keep this place up and running. We were able to publish Years 3, 4, and 5 of the magazine thanks to successful Kickstarters, and we know this is when a lot of you buy your membership for the year, so we really appreciate your support! We have brand-new rewards this year for you to check out, including a year-long Sparkler Ships membership where you get monthly paperbacks in addition to issues and ebooks, and a top tier called SPARKLER SUPERNOVA that is truly ridiculous, we hope you enjoy it. :-D

And to whet your appetite for Year 6, we’re launching this first issue now, while the Kickstarter runs! Prepare for some great Daddy + Daddy time in the new chapter of Sunshine Boy, romance turning into Real Talk in more Null Point, and family secrets–tied to Miles–in the newest chapter of Orange Junk. The finale of The Jackson Lunta Snow Dance Song is running alongside those wonderful comics, and although we’re sad to say good-bye to our favorite queer-supernatural-hockey-boys novella, the finale is fantastic, so totally worth it. We’re also very excited to welcome back Tacto after having a baby, and she’s got a blazing new chapter of her comic Firebird in this issue for you, too!

After last month’s intro and teaser, this month also launches Chapter 1 of our brand-new RPG Play Podcast Life’s a Witch, So Roll a Die! This is an edited/polished audio series of a pencil-and-paper RPG, run by an all-women play group and illustrated by the fantastic artist Angeline Mauri (who also plays the PC Rosiel). It’s about intern witches in a thinly veiled version of Florence, Italy during the Renaissance. Even better, Chapter 2 is coming out later this month, as part of our Kickstarter promotion!

Thank you for a great five years together, readers. Let’s make it six! <3


Aliens and Witches and Erotica, Oh My!

Hey Sparkler fans!

We’re very sorry for the late issue this month–an unexpected illness in our (very small) staff threw us all off pretty badly, but we’re all back at work and ready to give you the fabulous issue six-oh!

We have some extremely exciting new stuff coming this month! First off, we have a brand new series by Moosopp, the creator of Sunshine Boy! A Call Away From Home is a love story between a conspiracy theorist and a mysterious guy…whose weirdness might just be…alien in nature? Moosopp’s incredible character writing and spot-on humor is out in full force in this brand new series that he’ll be running alongside Sunshine Boy!

Second, the Sparkler Podcast is changing up for year six! We’re so excited to present to you: Life’s A Witch, So Roll A Die! This is an actual-play gaming podcast run by Tokyo Demons/Sparkler editor Lianne Sentar, with players Rebecca (Sparkler Managing Editor/audio), Angi Mauri (artist of Devil’s Cake, many small Sparkler/Cherry Bomb projects), and Moonklutz (/report podcast). This month, we’ve got an intro podcast with more information about the game and story, and going forward we’ll have a new part of the story every month with the Sparkler issue.

We’ve got exciting new chapters of Never Heroes, Magical How and Windrose, plus a bonus Tokyo Demons story to tide everyone over until the sequel Tokyo Ghosts starts. Thank you all for bearing with us this month– and we’ve got more announcements coming soon!

Keep Cool This Summer with Magical Hockey Boys

Hi Sparkler fans!

Welcome to our June issue, inappropriately decked out in icy purple! Chapter 3 of Emily Compton’s The Jackson Lunta Snow Dance Song was extremely soothing during the heat wave with its descriptions of cold weather and cold hands–and we just couldn’t resist using Onorobo’s lovely illustration as a cover.

There are changes coming to Sparkler as we approach year six, which is the topic of this month’s podcast–hear the heads of Sparkler hint frustratingly at things we can’t announce yet, and gush about our staff and fans!

After a long delay (and a new baby!), Dead Leads is back with a new chapter and a terrifying twist to its mystery. Orange Junk and Sunshine Boy both deal with family–Lou and her friends have to face the past in Orange Junk, and the past is causing conflict in the present Kelly household in Sunshine Boy. And finally, you can read the last emotional moment of Heart of Gold book one–and preorder a copy of this beautiful paperback through the Heart of Gold Kickstarter (ending on Saturday the 9th!)

And please fill out our June survey for a chance to win a free paperback (shipped anywhere in the world!)

We all hope you enjoy the new issue!


The Sparkler Staff

May the 7th Be With You!

And also with YOU, Sparkler Fans!

Welcome to our May issue! We’ve got five fantastic new comics installments this month, from more of Never Heroes (the revamped Yellow Hearts) to Magical How?!, to a new installment of Windrose. It’s everything from hugely original fantasy to dark magic to swashbuckling romance, and a whole lot more in between!

But we’re particularly excited to welcome some delicious slice-of-life back to the magazine as Amara Sherm returns with more Null Point! We loved the short story she did for us earlier this year, and are psyched that she was psyched to bring more of it to Sparkler. Friendship, romance and freelance work are all complicated… But Reham is determined to figure it all out!

Meanwhile, Grey gets in trouble in Sunshine Boy, Dani and company make their escape back to the high seas in Windrose, Levi and Rowan make it back back to their old stomping grounds, and things get dark in Magical How…!

For our podcast of the month, Sparkler co-founders Lianne, Becca and Lillian talk about their decades of experience on the con scene, as pros in various contexts (retail, publishers large and small, etc.) and as fans! Learn how cons have changed over the years, and get tips on how to survive the con experience–and hopefully enjoy yourself at the same time.

And speaking of cons, please stop by and say hi if you’re up in Toronto for TCAF this year! A whole bunch of the Sparkler crew will be there, and we always love talking to our readers.

One last thing: we’re doing a new survey for May. Answer a few questions for a chance to win a free Sparkler paperback, shipped anywhere in the world!


The Sparkler Team

Sensational Springtime!

Hi Sparkler fans!

Welcome to our April issue. Ironically, since it’s April and spring has pretty much sprung everywhere except the East Coast where it continues to be unseasonably snow-centric, we have the second terrific installment of Emily Compton and Onorobo’s hockey light novel! Nothing says spring like handsome boys on ice!

This month, the battle also continues in Magical How, as Hal tries to protect the helpless Gabe, a new chapter of drama unfolds in Orange Junk as Miles and Louise try to fix the bad blood between their families, things get a little more rambunctious in Sunshine Boy as Grey picks a fight with a classmate, and the strained glances get even more fraught in Heart of Gold!

We also have a terrific podcast this month, featuring Orange Junk creator Heldrad and Tokyo Demons creator/Sparkler staff Lianne talking about how they write serialized stories.

And if you’ve missed out on our Sparkler Ships special-edition boxes, you’ve still got a chance to get in on the action! Buy all three here, or grab April’s Mystery Box on its own here!

And please take a moment to fill out our Spring Sparkler Survey! We’ll be running a raffle from everyone who takes the survey, and two lucky winners will get a free paperback shipped to them! Let us know what you think about Sparkler and how you think we should expand in the future!

Thanks, everybody! We hope you enjoy Sparkler issue #057!


March on up!

Hello hello, Sparkler fans!

Welcome to our new issue! We’ve got a really special one this month, including the re-launch of Yellow Hearts, complete with a new title! We hope you enjoy Never Heroes as much as we have been during its renewal–Keezy has done an amazing job updating the art and you can see how much she’s grown as a talent. As a bonus, we have the special Onaskellis zine to share with you all!

We’ve also got a special treat from the fantastic creative minds of Emily Compton and Onorobo, The Jackson Lunta Snow Dance Song! They teamed up on the epic novel, “Dusk in Kalevia,” which is a treat, if you haven’t checked it out yet, but now they’ve moved on from Soviet angels to ice hockey romance! We’re so excited!

And speaking of Dusk in Kalevia, it’s the centerpiece of our “Sparkler Ships” box this month. The “Angelic Box” includes the novel, and a variety of terrific bonus stuff along with it, including some postcard prints of Onorobo’s fabulous art, and a download of the 18+ side story The Raven of Leningrad. We were super happy with last month’s Magical Box, so next up in April is the “Mystery Box,” if you’re interested in signing up for all three! Treat yourself. ;-) And Sparkler Members get a discount!

That’s not all that we’ve got going on, either–this month also features new installments of Orange Junk (Bruce runs into some academic trouble!) and Windrose (our heroes run into some musketeer trouble!) which you’re sure to enjoy. Windrose is getting close to its finale, so this is a great time to re-read the series or give it a shot if you haven’t checked it out previously.

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes on the site, as well, which may not be super obvious, but that will hopefully make your Sparkler experience more seamless and enjoyable. The most exciting piece of which, to me at least, is that you can now sign up to get email updates when new pages come out from your favorite comics! We already post updates on our social media outlets, but there’s nothing like the thrill of when an email pops up telling you that there’s a new page of Knights-Errant or Magical How out. ;-D

Plus, last but not least, Eyugho and our editors discuss the series we all love to hate, and hate to love in this month’s podcast!

Onward and upward!


The Sparkler Team

We *heart* our readers!

Happy (slightly belated) Valentine’s Day, Sparkler fans! Here at Sparkler, we think Valentine’s Day lasts all month–just the good parts where you love everyone and eat lots of candy, though!

We’ve got a great issue for you this month, starting from the cover, featuring art from a special side-story spin-off game from last year’s Out of Sync. It’s a little Valentine’s treat for all our Sparkler members, courtesy of our fabulous friends at Paper Star Studios. The Sparkler staff includes many gamers of all stripes, but we’ve got a particular soft spot for visual novels, and were thrilled to get to share Out of Sync: Crescendo  with all of you! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Also in this issue, magical battle breaks out and secrets start to be revealed in Magical How?, a successful coffee date triggers some relationship progress (and lots of feels) in Firebird, Kelly and Grey deal with their friendship struggles in Sunshine Boy, and things get even more mysterious in Heart of Gold. If we’ve done our jobs right, there’s lots of good stuff to keep your hearts racing all month!

And to top it off, if you hadn’t heard, we’ve started a new trial program, “Sparkler Ships,” which will send you a monthly box of books, treats and Sparkler goodies to subscribers! This month our featured book is the delightful Mahou Josei Chimaka, a magical-girl-grown-up romance from team Kaiju, creators of Ring of Saturn, Inhabitant of Another Planet, and now the ongoing Novae. If you like getting fun stuff in the mail every month, sign up today!

Speaking of Kaiju, they joined us for our podcast this month along with Tacto, the creator of Firebird, to talk about how to plan comics! If you’re a creator yourself, aspiring, already putting pencil to paper, or just a curious fan, this is definitely one you don’t want to miss.


The Sparkler Team




Ringing in the New Year right!

Hi Sparkler Fans!

2018 starts with a bang with the finale of BL post-apocalyptic adventure Decoy and Retrofit! If you haven’t been following along with that one, we seriously recommend it–let’s just say the ending had the staff freaking out a bit over the plot and character twists.

And of course, that’s not all! In issue #054, Sunshine Boy goes to school and Heart of Gold takes you to church. Magical How! puts fan-favorite Booker through hell, and in Orange Junk, sexual tension turns to romance–and the awkward aftermath.

The Sunshine Boy Kickstarter is in stretch goal territory! We’re working hard on Magical How! volume 1, which will be heading out to the printer soon, too! We’ve got a whole roster of print books and ebooks coming out in the next few months, so keep an eye on our social media for details!

We’ve got some great stuff planned this year–we can’t wait to show you all! Thank you for all your support, and we hope you have a wonderful year!