Sparkler Podcast #12: Creators Ellery Prime (Gauntlet) & Jenn Grunigen (Skyglass)



In this creator roundtable with their editor Lianne, authors Ellery Prime of Gauntlet and Jenn Grunigen of Skyglass discuss their books, their process, their illustrators, and more! Fans and fellow writers, you’ll love this behind-the-scenes peek into the light novel process.

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Comments (4)
  1. corinthian

    I really enjoyed this interview roundtable thing. It’s a shame you couldn’t fit Emily Compton in (scheduling, I assume?) I’m a big fan of all of Sparkler’s prose series. They are all very engaging in different ways.

    It’s funny, I hadn’t really thought about how different they all are until I heard Gauntlet and Skyglass described side by side. I actually forgot just how WEIRD the concept for Skyglass is, since I read it a chapter at a time over the course of a year.

    • Lianne Sentar

      Actually, we’re planning to do a separate podcast with Emily Compton of Dusk in Kalevia and Jessica Chavez of Dead Endings later. We like to limit round tables to 1-2 creators each so everyone has plenty of time to talk. :)

      I think the same kind of reader would like Gauntlet and Skyglass, despite the fact that – like you said – the books are extremely different. Largely because they have a similar vibe about finding identity and they’re both surreal, heh.

      The weirdness of Skyglass’s concept is exactly why I was drawn to it in the slush pile. :) And Jenn’s ability to pull it off, of course, which is no small feat!

  2. ArtieDrawings

    Hey there! I recently re-listened to this episode, and I was wondering– are there any updates about the Skyglass paperback?

  3. joichi

    I bought Gauntlet, loved Skyglass and so this was a real treat listening to the authors of both series and their view on their story’s world, focus on characters. I wanted to say that I’m glad that Clio helps lead the story and have that much focus on her.