Sparkler Podcast #04: Love and Sex in the Female Gaze


Warning: NOT SAFE FOR WORK (discussions of sex + some cursing), spoilers for ending of Kimi wa Petto

Listen to the core Sparkler editorial team have a long, sprawling discussion about fem-friendly love stories and erotica, with a healthy dose of josei, female character exploration, and how this stuff ties into sexual development in the West. Also: a defense of Mary Sues? A suggestion to not describe how hot your character is? But what if your character is really hot?!?!?!?!

For a quick list of some of the media we discuss in this episode:

Romance novel blogs: Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (and their book Beyond Heaving Bosoms), Dear Author, Word Wenches, WTFBadRomanceCovers

Chick Lit” (term), Harlequin (publisher)

Clan of the Cave Bear series, which taught some children of the 70s/80s about sex!

That 18+ otome game where a Bad End is getting cannibalized (link NSFW)

Shoujo titles: Fushigi Yuugi, Love*Com, Gentleman’s Alliance Cross, Mayu Shinjo (mangaka), Bronze (BL)

Josei titles: Happy Mania, Kimi wa Petto/Tramps Like Us (spoilers!), Princess Jellyfish (slight manga spoilers), Honey & CloverNodame Cantabile, Yuki Yoshihara (mangaka)

Guardians of the GalaxyOne Piece, and Watchmen, if you’re somehow not familiar with those

Film Crit HulkTamora Pierce

Teen Wolf, Free! Iwatobi Swim ClubCommunity, Parks & Rec, Homestuck, Dragon Age, Basara, Outlander, Silver Linings Playbook

And of course: Awake, Tokyo Demons, Dusk in Kalevia, Off*Beat, and our upcoming pin-up calendar :)

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