Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die: Chapter 0

Chapter 1 coming soon!

In the meantime, listen to our intro episode for more info about the players, game system, and world:

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      • Otter Marie

        I enjoy the concept of the frame. Sorry your bard in denial keeps trying to break things. XD The idea of the colors of the focuses and how they work and what they contain is a neat one though.

        When I play D&D I tend to avoid casting classes, but when I get one I try to keep a focus on the archetype or class that I’m casting from, and not vary too much even when the rules dont state that I need to bother. So I like that the schools or colors are based off that sub classification of casting. ;3

  1. Alice

    I feel like these characters would fit in the Vampire the Masquarade system so well! Antonia being a Toreador (who almost got turn by the Ventrue), Rosie a Brujah and Masie is obviously a Malkavvian (just look at them). I feel like you guys might enjoy that system, obviously the thematic is a tad different (vampires not witches), but it also supports a more story focus campaign.
    I though the skill tree style character creation was a wonderful idea