Sparkler RPG: ESPU Story Session 2 – What’s Happening to Aya?

The ESPU dorm head for our heroes, the beautiful Aya, is showing symptoms of being poisoned. It may be up to her roommate, Del Featherbottom (played by Jen Lee Quick) and her intrepid cat Tofu to figure out what’s going on…before Del becomes the prime suspect!

Thank you for joining us! Watch the archived video below!

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ESPU Session 1 (Peter & Cynthia) by Angeline Mauri
Art by Angeline Mauri of Devil’s Cake and Dusk in Kalevia: The Range.

Anyone is welcome, but you need to sign up for a free Twitch account if you want to participate in the live chatroom. Videos are archived for later access.

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