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  1. kamibukuro

    An excellent piece of work on every front. Writing given form through art and audio genius and a cast worthy of a shiny award, possibly an edible one, depending on if they’re hungry or not but shiny nonetheless.

  2. Klokwerks

    This series is just TOO adorable. Finally pushed me over the edge to becoming a member. Came for Tokyo Demons, stayed for the audio dramas. Aina is just the CUTEST oh my gosh.

  3. Gale

    Does anyone know when The Cat Lover’s Circumstances updates? I know it says monthly in the description, but is there a specific date?

    • Lianne Sentar

      Hey, Gale! Cat Lover’s has been on hiatus for a bit, but it’s coming back this summer with the final few chapters! It’s currently scheduled to return in the July issue of Sparkler.

      Thanks for asking! And thanks for your patience, guys. :)