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  1. Artie

    Lmaoooo when he said scooter, I thought he meant one of those $20 USD Razor kick scooters x”’D
    I was expecting Dahlton to go, “fourteen bucks, take or leave it pal!!” and Cas just stands there dumbfounded
    I’m so surprised he actually has a reasonably practical adult goal here hahaha

  2. WarmSoupCan

    ((PART 1 of 2))

    Hello, Moosopp! (You have a few variations of your user name, I’m not sure if you prefer any particular name, haha–) I’ve recently seen your wonderful art and comics, and wanted to give feedback. Hope you don’t mind me doing it here! Much of my feedback is prompted by this story in particular.

    Sorry for this being a bit long-winded! I will make it as readable as possible!

    I love your diverse characters! I love seeing LGBT+ and PoC characters, and PoC characters with brown and dark brown skin in positive roles, and art that displays their beauty. (I’m black, but I have light skin privilege and have seen the great harm colorism does.)

    So, thank you very much!

    That being said, when you’re in a minority group, there’s some things you’ll tend to notice in media that fly over other’s heads. I’m also vegan (and atheist) and when I realized that your adorable character Yoyo ♡♡♡ appeared to be vegan (it’s shown he doesn’t eat meat or animal products), that was a lovely surprise.

    People tend to be vegan for animal rights, health, or religious reasons. I’m guessing Yoyo is vegan for religious practice first.

    In any case, as a person who is vegan due to the concern of animals first, and health second, there’s certain situations or interactions toward Yoyo that can come off as insensitive if handled in a certain way.

    For example, saying, ‘give me bacon’ to a vegan is something you don’t want a character to do, because stuff like that can make a vegan really uncomfortable. Or making certain jokes that can come across as making light of an animal’s death. For a vegan reader, comments like that can be a bit alienating and cringe.

    I understand if another character is not familiar with veganism, so they could make such comments simply because they don’t realize they’re being potentially offensive (or some people might do it to actually offend, but I can tell your characters aren’t trying to be asshole-ish to Yoyo deliberately).

    Since Yoyo is said to live in the mountains, I’m not sure if he grows all his own food (I noticed he had what looked like a basket for collecting vegetables/herbs/nuts/fruits/etc. in one picture on his back) or if he buys things from the store. But he can learn to cook, or buy premade/frozen vegan meals for himself or others.

    On the lunch drawing you made, Yoyo had a small lunch that just looked like vegetables and soup (or a drink?) but for future reference, he can literally have any type of vegan meal. There’s vegan: chicken sandwiches, burgers, pizza, lasagna, pasta, rice meals, fries, soups, mashed potatoes, vegan fried shrimp or fish, waffles, cereal, cookies, cake, ice-cream, anything at all–he can have it, or give it to someone else. Any food you can think of, there’s a vegan version. ♡

    Since vegans come from different economic positions, and backgrounds, he might not be able to afford certain things, or it may have something to do with his religion?

    (Okay, I did a quick search, and it seems some monks choose not to have money, but I’ve also read something about monks buying and playing video games so, IDK. Lol. It seems some monks shop while others might avoid it?)

    In any case, no matter a person’s background, they can have a varied vegan diet full of yummy food.

    Vegan food, or ingredients to make vegan food, can be found at any store these days–like Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target, health food stores, etc. The sky is the limit!

    Also, you can look up vegan foods based from different countries, cities, and cultures. (I’m speaking from a U.S. citizen perspective, haha–)

    Some examples of this could be Rastafarian vegans. Taiwanese vegan food. (I’ve read a quote saying ‘Taiwan is a vegetarian paradise’.) There’s African, Indian, Vietnamese, German–just about any continent or country. If you look up such things it’ll yield a lot of results and ideas. Lots of pretty and colorful pictures, haha.

    People who have vegan restaurants in their areas can eat there of course, or non-vegan restaurants can have vegan items. Or vegans with higher incomes or wealth (like Jaden Smith, Ariana Grande, Evanna Lynch etc.) can afford more pricey vegan food stuff/restaurants if they wish.

    But I’m not sure what sort of stores/restaurants/businesses exist in this story, but above is some food for thought!

  3. WarmSoupCan

    ((PART 2 of 2))

    You can browse around sites like Reddit’s vegan community, r/vegan, to get more ideas for Yoyo as well. If you ever felt like it!

    And, looking up info about monks, I found this: https://www.quora.com/Are-buddhist-monks-vegetarian-or-vegan

    There’s a great post on Quora from a user named, Shurjendu Dutt-Mazumdar, in the link about the philosophy of ‘Ahimsa’.

    Hopefully, this information can give you a different perspective to your character dynamics and potential viewers. (Since veganism is on the rise globally, I’m sure you’ll have other vegan readers in the future, because your work is fantastic!) ♡♡♡

    Also, let me point another thing out, since most media does not have vegans, vegans like myself can learn to tune out the non-vegan aspects in media. As long as there isn’t uncomfortably violent images against animals, or a vegan (or vegetarian) character being targeted with insensitive jokes.

    Example: One of my favorite films as a kid was ‘Good Burger’. I watched it for the first time in recent years as an adult and a vegan. I wanted to see if I could still enjoy the film, and I did. I was able to ignore the non-vegan aspects since there were no jabs at animals.

    There’s even this dialogue (a character named Ed–who’s lovable, optimistic, and a bit air-headed–introduced a new employee to a coworker):

    Ed: And that’s Deedee, she’s a veterinarian.

    Deedee: Vegetarian.

    Ed: That means she doesn’t eat fur.

    Deedee: I won’t wear fur, I don’t eat meat.

    The humorous dialogue ends there. Since there’s no jabs being made toward the vegetarian character, or jabs at animals like, ‘X animal is delicious’. The scene can be viewed as a lighthearted, funny back-and-forth.

    Saying ‘X animal is delicious’ can be super cringe for a vegan/vegetarian. So I’d recommend it being avoided, unless the character is deliberately trying to be an ass. Someone can correct them in a ‘yo, chill’ kind of way, or even Yoyo giving Hotah a bop on the head can be a sign of that, but still–such comments can turn a vegan/vegetarian off from a character, and make them dislike them.

    There’s nothing wrong with jokes as long as it doesn’t become too insensitive, like the ‘Good Burger’ example. But it might be best to avoid such jokes in general if you’re not sure, and don’t wish for a character to be seen in an unlikable light.

    There’s also a wonderfully charming film called Fantastic Mr. Fox, in which at different points in the film there are herbivorous and omnivorous animals working together. And because of hard times that happen, late in the film the main character sneaks into a human store after it closes with his son, nephew, and wife and he mentions the different things they need to get for everyone, and mentions that, their rabbit friends/neighbors are vegetarian and to get things for everyone. And that balance/respect is handled fairly well.

    Anywho! That’s all I wanted to say about Yoyo and the vegan aspect. I hope it can be helpful in the future!

    P.S. If you’ve never seen ‘Good Burger’ feel free to check it out someday if you want. It’s a genuinely funny, cute, and lighthearted comedy.

    The main character, Ed, is still a fave of mine because he wasn’t made to be a stereotypical black character. He’s ditzy, bubbly, playful, and easy-going but also helpful, brave, and smart when it counts.

    It’s great to have the ‘strong’ or ‘confidant’ black character type, but I prefer to see characters that go against personalities typically seen in video games, stories, movies, etc.

    Like, black or other PoC characters that are weird and counterculture, timid and lacking in confidence, shy and soft-spoken, or seemingly ditzy and goofy but still smart–just the sort of things you don’t see in typical media.

    That’s another reason why your characters are so fantastic! They have a large array of personalities and quirks that unfortunately you tend to not see on mainstream things with PoC, or dark skin PoC. (Your diversity of brown skin tones is also great!)

    It really is important for PoC and other minorities to create their own artwork and stories, or to try if they can, to get such positions in film, TV, comics, and video game industries where they can create. Because that’s the only way things will truly ever get better for us in media, I feel.

    Btw, seeing the wide variety of styles of characters in your ‘100 OCs Challenge’ is truly impressive. Each character looks very unique and very much their own person. As someone that has enjoyed video games, movies, comics, stories and such all their life, sometimes you can see how some author’s or creator’s characters might start looking the same. But yours really are very diverse!

    It reminds me of the quote: ‘Be a creator, not a consumer’. When I see an artist work so hard to create things from their own mind as you’ve done, it’s really inspiring! And as someone that draws for themself for fun and to improve, I hope to continue to try my best to be more of a creator in life.

    Anyway, thanks for reading this! I wish you all the success you could ever wish for in the world! ♡♡♡ And can’t wait to see more things that you create.

    And you do have a fantastic sense of humor! Love your personal art and fanart of Neo Yokio, etc. And your Eotl/Division 6 Art Dump, Oc-tober Day 3: Sidekick made me LOL so hard.

    Take care! ♡♡♡

    *Adds random upbeat songs to links in messages.*