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As of Fall 2014, Chromatic Press/Sparkler Monthly has launched a twice-yearly retail catalog to distribute the books we publish, plus books and comics by a selection of great independent creators through our Sparkler Distro program. In this second catalog (May 2015), that includes Little Foolery‘s Sfeer Theory Vols 1-2 and That Which Wills, and Jamie Lynn Lano’s The Princess of Tennis.

You can view the catalog online using the link above, and send an email to retail(at)chromaticpress.com (or fill out our contact form below) with the name of your store/library/club so we can send you an easy-to-fill-out order form with your appropriate discount. We offer a standard retail discount to brick-and-mortar or online retail stores, as well as discounts to libraries, schools, anime or book clubs, and other educational organizations.

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    About Chromatic Press/Sparkler Monthly

    We specialize in works aimed at a teenage and 20-something geeky female audience, though many of our titles have crossover appeal outside that demographic. We publish mainly genre fiction (science fiction, fantasy, romance) with a focus on fast-paced, accessible storytelling. We’re also dedicated to publishing stories with a progressive bent, with strong, complex female characters, POC characters, and LGBT characters and relationships featured in many of our series. For a quick ratings overview, see our Ratings page.

    Most of our titles are serialized online in our digital magazine, Sparkler Monthly, before being compiled into complete ebooks and print books. This creates interest our books in the months leading up to release. Many of our creators are very popular on social media and have dedicated fan bases following their work.

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