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The Second-to-last Sparkler

At this point, most of you know that Sparkler is coming to an end after next issue. We’re still chugging along trying to finish off the year, though with our staff scattering and looking for work it took a bit longer than usual. Anyway, we’re all still glad you’re here reading this! We want to end on a high note, after all :D

In our penultimate Sparkler issue, we’ve got more from some of our favorite creators: In A Call Away From Home, the triplets’ friend Yoyo comes to visit–and Hotah sure acts different when Yoyo’s around, doesn’t he? In Sunshine Boy, Jo tries to be the voice of reason in Kurt and Anna’s argument–and knowing Kurt, I’m sure you can all guess how well that goes over. In Magical How, Gabe heads home to see his family, and in Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die, Rosiel and Maisie make a run for it, stolen magical book in hand and tons of bad guys on their heels!

The next issue, issue #072, will be the final issue of Sparkler. We’ll be posting information about where you’ll be able to read more of our ongoing series after the magazine ends, so please keep an eye on our site, the final issue, and social media for that info. We hope you’ll keep supporting our creators wherever they go–they are an extremely talented bunch of people, and I’m sure you’ll see great things from all of them.

Thank you all ❤

Sparkler Staff