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April Showers Bring May Comics (and Prose!)

Hey there, Sparkler Readers! I hope you’re all enjoying the change in seasons wherever you are–those of you in school finally close to your well-deserved break, Southern Hemisphere readers getting a reprieve from the heat, and up here in the North finally getting weather that at least kind of resembles spring.

This month, we’re celebrating our comic Firebird, Tacto’s fascinating drama about art and obsession, with an intense, technicolor cover! Firebird is quickly heading toward its conclusion now, so it’s a great time to catch up on this old-school-shoujo-inspired comic.

Also this month: in Never Heroes, the gang finally has some sort of plan for what to do next (that doesn’t involve anyone getting turned in to the authorities, Alder), and in Sunshine Boy, Kurt and Anna’s fight has gotten so bad that Jo gets drafted to be the world’s most awkward marriage counselor. In Tokyo Ghosts, Jo’s life is a huge, self-inflicted mess that will take some serious work to fix, and in Windrose, Danielle has a happy reunion…but where are Angeline and Leon?

We hope you enjoy the new issue!

XOXO Sparkler Staff