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Sparkler Monthly: Maturity, Professionalism, and Class

Dear Sparkler Readers,

Today we celebrate a momentous achievement! After nearly six years, we are thrilled to present to you our sixty-ninth issue. What a proud day for all of our staff and creators!

Of course, we are far too dignified to make any…uncouth comments on the number of this issue.

In Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die, the three paragons of good behavior Maisie, Antonia, and Rosiel attempt some subterfuge! Unfortunately, it doesn’t go very well, as you can see from our cover illustration–which shows what may be the least subtle scene in the series so far.

Meanwhile, in Orange Junk, Drew and Miles are looking to the future like the respectable young men they are, and in Sunshine Boy, Kurt and Anna would never get into a massive fight because both of them control their tempers so well. In A Call Away From Home, Kangee has nothing to worry about because his brother Dahlton always makes the best decisions! And in Magical How?, Booker is a poster boy for healthy family relationships, as always.

We thank you, Gentle Readers, for being with us today and always.

Sincerely Yours,

Sparkler Staff