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Happy Valentine’s Day~ *hic*

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sparkler fans!

For our February issue, we’ve got the always charming Jo Oda wishing you a *hic* wonderful Valentine’s, and welcoming you to the long-awaited launch of the Tokyo Demons sequel, Tokyo Ghosts! The sequel series takes place five years after the ending of Tokyo Demons and follows Jo, Ayase, and their friends and enemies through a new adventure: adulthood. Also, literal adventure. Can you guess which one they’re better at handling?

It’s a messy month in all our series. Aimée brings some unwelcome romantic complications into Drew’s life in Orange Junk, Booker tries to leave Gabe, Hal, and everything behind in Magical How?, and in Life’s a Witch, a creepy newcomer makes Ros’s life a lot more difficult. But in Sunshine Boy, both Grey and bully Logan make an effort to mend fences and bring a little more peace to their classroom.

We’ve got some big changes in the works here at Sparkler which will hopefully make downloading and reading the issue, and navigating the site, work better! For now, we hope the new table of contents and chapter intro pages make keeping up with your favorite series easier–and we’ll have new, bigger announcements coming soon!

The Sparkler Team