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New year, new content!

Happy New Year, Sparkler readers!

First of all, our Before You Go Graphic Novel Kickstarter is over in a few days, and it’s close to the goal, but it could use a little more help to cross the finish line. (And our first Stretch Goal is a brand-new epilogue comic from Denise, which we’d love to include in the paperback!) Check it out to get yourself the book and some adorable lesbian merch. <3

Speaking of ladies lovin’ ladies, we’re excited to share our January issue with you all, which features Windrose on the cover–specifically resourceful Danielle and dashing Angeline in a heated embrace! That swashbuckling series with Big Bisexual Energy ends in a few chapters, so every new installment has been jaw-droppingly exciting. This month is no exception, so enjoy the thrill! *_*

Never Heroes is back this month, too, with our three (never) heroes having a chat with the creepy but oddly charming Onaskellis! :O In a less terrifying installment of Sunshine Boyone of Grey’s classmates wants to apologize…and make a surprising confession. Firebird explodes with color this month in a ballet extravaganza, but darkness looms over the stage and between the ailing Sasha and the panicking Luca. And in our RPG play podcast Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die, our heroes are ambushed in bed and everything goes to hell!

This is a great issue, you’re great readers, and we’re ready for a great 2019! Enjoy~


The Sparkler Staff