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Hi, Sparkler fans!

This month, we’ve got a few fun surprises for all our loyal members.

As you can see from the (endlessly adorable) cover, Before You Go is on Kickstarter right now through late January! Newer Sparkler fans might not remember this adorable series, since it ran in the magazine and on the site several years ago, but we’re thrilled to finally have the chance to put it in print! 

Before You Go is a sweet story about two young women falling in love and building a life together. It’s a manga-style lesbian love story featuring adult main characters who are cute without being annoying, plus, nobody dies or ends up with a guy in the end. Coming out and homophobia do touch the story a few times, but they aren’t the focus–Before You Go is more about the issues every couple goes through, like communication missteps and everyday arguments, moving in together and meeting the parents. If you want something lovely and uplifting that sidesteps many of the genre clichés we’re all sick of, Before You Go might be for you!

So in honor of the Kickstarter, we’re reprinting the second Before You Go story in this issue of Sparkler–Before You Go: Halfway There! We thought this holiday-themed chapter was appropriate for this time of year. We hope you enjoy the preview, and that you’ll consider supporting the Kickstarter!

Second, as a gift for everyone who’s stuck with us all this time, we’re offering all members a $6-off coupon to the Sparkler Shop! We’ve got several ebooks under that price that you’ll be able to get for free, or put you can it toward a paperback! We hope you’ll take advantage and bring in the New Year with Sparkler! Check out the notice in the issue for details.

This issue also has a double dose of Moosopp: the passive-aggressive Battle of the Dads continues in Sunshine Boy, and new hints about what the heck Cas’s deal even is are revealed in A Call Away From Home. Tokyo Demons is back with a short centered around everyone’s favorite creepy-yet-lovable psychic Kadoyuki dealing with trauma, sticky relationships, and trying to live a normal-ish life when nothing about him is normal–this is the last short story before the beginning of series two, Tokyo Ghosts, in a few months! And last but not least, in Life’s a Witch, the witches hit the streets, the shops, and the public baths. Oh yes, this is both a makeover episode and a hot springs episode. So much awkwardness ensues.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2018! We’ve got big things in store for 2019, and from all the Sparkler staff, thank you so much for sticking with us. Onward and upward!


The Sparkler Staff