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Sparkler in the Spotlight

Hi, Sparkler fans!

This month, our cover features Orange Junk‘s newest and most famous character, Aimeé! When a real-live celebrity joins their class and their friend group, what are attention-hating Bruce and caustic, difficult Miles to do? Will the entire school be thrown into chaos as they try to snap a pic? Will Jack ever regain control of his class?

Firebird tackles the darker side of a career in music or dance as injuries plague the main characters, and the ladies of Windrose and Life’s a Witch both seek a different kind of attention, as Danielle gets caught in a high-stakes stand-off, and Antonia becomes the World’s Most Difficult Customer to cause a distraction at just the right moment. And in Sunshine Boy, awkward, quiet Jo faces the kind of attention he dreads more than anything…when Kurt gets ahold of some embarrassing old photos!

And right now, we’re looking for some new comics to put in the Sparkler spotlight–open submissions close TOMORROW, on November 30th! Comic artists, remember to send in your pitches by 11:59 PST on Friday night!

This issue, we’re also putting a spotlight on our incredible, generous Kickstarter supporters, whose names you can see listed inside the issue itself. Thank you all so much for your support–Sparkler wouldn’t exist at all without you!


The Sparkler Staff

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