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Boo! Say hello to the new issue of Spookler–er, SPARKLER!

Get comfy in your favorite costume and pull up a big bowl of candy, because it’s time for our boo-tiful new Halloween issue!

We always love doing a fun Halloween cover, and this year, we’re featuring cosplay AND a crossover from Moosopp’s two comic series: Sunshine Boy and A Call Away from Home! The cover art is manipulating time and space to have both Kelly and his granduncle Dahlton appear together at those ages. SPOOKY! But they pair perfectly, especially since we’ve got a brand-new chapter from both series running in this issue.

We’ve got more treats than that: Orange Junk is back this month, for more Miles and more mayhem! And speaking of mayhem, our RPG play podcast Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die continues from where we last left off, with our heroes killing a bunch of bad dudes. (Now to find out what the bad dudes were after!) We also have the final section of the second Null Point story running this month…with Nami and Reham talking through their issues while spending some quality time together. Hubba hubba!

Since this is a spooktacular month, our VIP and Sparkler Ship members are getting some scary awesome books on top of the issue. All VIP members are getting two free ebooks: the self-contained short DNA-RW by Sarah “Neila” Elkins and Ru Xu–the sci-fi story of a mutating girl chasing a serial killer(!)–and Gatesmith Volume 1, Jen Lee Quick‘s supernatural Western horror that will creep you out in all the best ways. (And Gatesmith was the series she started right after Off*Beat–talk about creative range!) Sparkler Ships members get those ebooks plus the paperback Dead Endingsthe snarky NYC ghost story/mystery by Jessica Chavez and Irene Flores. It’s one of our classic light novels, and more is coming as the sequel continues serializing this year.

Thank you so, so much for helping our Year 6 Kickstarter succeed! Sparkler’s got a ton of cool stuff planned for this year, and now we can do it, thanks to you. <3 If you pledged on the Kickstarter, you’ll be getting surveys soon so you can claim your rewards and tell us how you want to be credited in the Thank You page in an upcoming issue. And now we can run full-speed into our first Year 6 project…

We just opened submissions again! We’re looking for new comics for the site and the magazine, and we’re happy to consider comics that are already running elsewhere online. Submissions close at the end of November and require completed pages for us to look at, so check out the details at the link! We hope to feature YOU in a future issue. <3

Happy Halloween~

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