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Sparkler Gets Dramatic

Hey, Sparkler fans! We hope you’re all safe and sound after an intense start to hurricane season.

This month, we’ve got some serious family drama in both Magical How and Windrose–the kind that might end with a body count. The boys’ dads engage in some very awkward bonding in Sunshine Boy, and shit hits the fan, both literally and figuratively, in our RPG podcast Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die. And last but not least, in this month’s cover series Never Heroes, our main characters meet up again after twenty years…and find out that the problems they left behind them never really went away.

This is the first month of our new VIP and Sparkler Ships system! That means that all VIP members get a free ebook download: this month’s VIP ebook is Mahou Josei Chimaka, KaiJu’s loving send-up of the Magical Girl genre. Sparkler Ships members get the VIP ebook, and also a copy of our newest paperback, Magical How?!, shipped right to them! Since Sparkler Ships is currently only available through the Kickstarter, the September books will be held until the Kickstarter ends…but Sparkler Ships memberships will be available soon on the site.

You can also buy the Magical How?! paperback through the Sparkler store!

And finally, the Sparkler Kickstarter is running right now, and we still have a ways to go to reach our goal. If you like the work we do, please consider pledging to the Kickstarter, and let your friends know about it, too! We’ve got so many exciting plans for this coming year, but we can’t make them happen without support from our readers.

See you next month! <3


Sparkler Staff