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Year 6 begins with a Kickstarter and a new series!

It’s that special time again, Sparkler fans! After completing five (!) full years of this digital magazine–60 issues in all–we’re here to kick off Year 6 with an exciting Kickstarter! \^o^/

Like the last several years, the Sparkler Monthly Magazine: Year 6 Kickstarter just launched and will be running for about a month–this is how we sell enough memberships, ebooks, paperbacks, and other merch in one big fundraiser to ensure we can keep this place up and running. We were able to publish Years 3, 4, and 5 of the magazine thanks to successful Kickstarters, and we know this is when a lot of you buy your membership for the year, so we really appreciate your support! We have brand-new rewards this year for you to check out, including a year-long Sparkler Ships membership where you get monthly paperbacks in addition to issues and ebooks, and a top tier called SPARKLER SUPERNOVA that is truly ridiculous, we hope you enjoy it. :-D

And to whet your appetite for Year 6, we’re launching this first issue now, while the Kickstarter runs! Prepare for some great Daddy + Daddy time in the new chapter of Sunshine Boy, romance turning into Real Talk in more Null Point, and family secrets–tied to Miles–in the newest chapter of Orange Junk. The finale of The Jackson Lunta Snow Dance Song is running alongside those wonderful comics, and although we’re sad to say good-bye to our favorite queer-supernatural-hockey-boys novella, the finale is fantastic, so totally worth it. We’re also very excited to welcome back Tacto after having a baby, and she’s got a blazing new chapter of her comic Firebird in this issue for you, too!

After last month’s intro and teaser, this month also launches Chapter 1 of our brand-new RPG Play Podcast Life’s a Witch, So Roll a Die! This is an edited/polished audio series of a pencil-and-paper RPG, run by an all-women play group and illustrated by the fantastic artist Angeline Mauri (who also plays the PC Rosiel). It’s about intern witches in a thinly veiled version of Florence, Italy during the Renaissance. Even better, Chapter 2 is coming out later this month, as part of our Kickstarter promotion!

Thank you for a great five years together, readers. Let’s make it six! <3


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