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Aliens and Witches and Erotica, Oh My!

Hey Sparkler fans!

We’re very sorry for the late issue this month–an unexpected illness in our (very small) staff threw us all off pretty badly, but we’re all back at work and ready to give you the fabulous issue six-oh!

We have some extremely exciting new stuff coming this month! First off, we have a brand new series by Moosopp, the creator of Sunshine Boy! A Call Away From Home is a love story between a conspiracy theorist and a mysterious guy…whose weirdness might just be…alien in nature? Moosopp’s incredible character writing and spot-on humor is out in full force in this brand new series that he’ll be running alongside Sunshine Boy!

Second, the Sparkler Podcast is changing up for year six! We’re so excited to present to you: Life’s A Witch, So Roll A Die! This is an actual-play gaming podcast run by Tokyo Demons/Sparkler editor Lianne Sentar, with players Rebecca (Sparkler Managing Editor/audio), Angi Mauri (artist of Devil’s Cake, many small Sparkler/Cherry Bomb projects), and Moonklutz (/report podcast). This month, we’ve got an intro podcast with more information about the game and story, and going forward we’ll have a new part of the story every month with the Sparkler issue.

We’ve got exciting new chapters of Never Heroes, Magical How and Windrose, plus a bonus Tokyo Demons story to tide everyone over until the sequel Tokyo Ghosts starts. Thank you all for bearing with us this month– and we’ve got more announcements coming soon!