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Keep Cool This Summer with Magical Hockey Boys

Hi Sparkler fans!

Welcome to our June issue, inappropriately decked out in icy purple! Chapter 3 of Emily Compton’s The Jackson Lunta Snow Dance Song was extremely soothing during the heat wave with its descriptions of cold weather and cold hands–and we just couldn’t resist using Onorobo’s lovely illustration as a cover.

There are changes coming to Sparkler as we approach year six, which is the topic of this month’s podcast–hear the heads of Sparkler hint frustratingly at things we can’t announce yet, and gush about our staff and fans!

After a long delay (and a new baby!), Dead Leads is back with a new chapter and a terrifying twist to its mystery. Orange Junk and Sunshine Boy both deal with family–Lou and her friends have to face the past in Orange Junk, and the past is causing conflict in the present Kelly household in Sunshine Boy. And finally, you can read the last emotional moment of Heart of Gold book one–and preorder a copy of this beautiful paperback through the Heart of Gold Kickstarter (ending on Saturday the 9th!)

And please fill out our June survey for a chance to win a free paperback (shipped anywhere in the world!)

We all hope you enjoy the new issue!


The Sparkler Staff