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May the 7th Be With You!

And also with YOU, Sparkler Fans!

Welcome to our May issue! We’ve got five fantastic new comics installments this month, from more of Never Heroes (the revamped Yellow Hearts) to Magical How?!, to a new installment of Windrose. It’s everything from hugely original fantasy to dark magic to swashbuckling romance, and a whole lot more in between!

But we’re particularly excited to welcome some delicious slice-of-life back to the magazine as Amara Sherm returns with more Null Point! We loved the short story she did for us earlier this year, and are psyched that she was psyched to bring more of it to Sparkler. Friendship, romance and freelance work are all complicated… But Reham is determined to figure it all out!

Meanwhile, Grey gets in trouble in Sunshine Boy, Dani and company make their escape back to the high seas in Windrose, Levi and Rowan make it back back to their old stomping grounds, and things get dark in Magical How…!

For our podcast of the month, Sparkler co-founders Lianne, Becca and Lillian talk about their decades of experience on the con scene, as pros in various contexts (retail, publishers large and small, etc.) and as fans! Learn how cons have changed over the years, and get tips on how to survive the con experience–and hopefully enjoy yourself at the same time.

And speaking of cons, please stop by and say hi if you’re up in Toronto for TCAF this year! A whole bunch of the Sparkler crew will be there, and we always love talking to our readers.

One last thing: we’re doing a new survey for May. Answer a few questions for a chance to win a free Sparkler paperback, shipped anywhere in the world!


The Sparkler Team