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Loose Ends and New Beginnings

Hello, Sparkler Fans!

Welcome to the final Sparkler issue in 2017! All of us behind the scenes at the Sparkler office are busy wrapping up various odds and ends from this past year, to clear our plate for an exciting 2018! Orange Junk vols. 2 & 3 are at the printer, Magical How! is getting set to go to the printer, there’s fun stuff happening on the Tokyo Demons front, and our Sparkler holiday sale is still going on for another few weeks, so you can pick up ebooks, print books, or merch for your female-gaze-loving friends and family (or maybe a little treat for yourself!) And the Sunshine Boy Kickstarter will be launching the day after Christmas!

Our December issue features a delightful double-shot of Sunshine Boy–including a future story, just to whet your appetites for more! Plus we have new installments of Tacto’s marvelous ballet drama, “Firebird,” a literal cliffhanger as we head for the final arc of Windrose, and the next eerily beautiful chapter of the amazing Heart of Gold, and a brand-new podcast about character design featuring eyugho of Magical How! and Capo of Out of Sync and the upcoming VN Cat House, which all of you aspiring artists out there should definitely check out!

To be honest, it’s been a hell of a year on a number of fronts, but I continue to be supremely proud of the wonderful stories and art that the Sparkler team of creators brings to us each month. It’s an honor to get to work with the kind of people whose work can make readers laugh, cry, or be inspired, and it’s even more important when times are hard. I’d like to celebrate the labor of love that everyone has put into Sparkler over the years, and this year in particular, and I look forward to where 2018 takes us all!


The Sparkler Staff