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Warm Your Heart with Sparkler

Hello, Sparkler fans!

The clocks have turned back, the days grow shorter, and the nights grow colder, but things are always warm and bustling here at the Sparkler Offices. And this month we’ve got our usual variety of great stories to ignite and inspire! With five new installments of some of your favorite serialized comics, a new short story, and a particularly timely podcast, we’ll warm you up with some sweet, surprising, and sensational stuff this month!

Here’s some of what we have in store: Stunning secrets are revealed in Knights-Errant, a long-awaited romance finally takes flight in Orange Junk, see a terrifying glimpse of the past in Yellow Hearts, a kidnapping and ransom stir things up in Magical How, Kelly’s family isn’t all sunshine in Sunshine Boy, and we have a new short story about a woman trying to reclaim some High School romance (the worst idea, of course): The Get-Together! Plus, our podcast of the month, with Magical How creator Eyugho, goes into the highs and lows of the shoujo genre…if you’re secretly waiting for some hot person to give you their umbrella before running off into the rain (or if you think the whole umbrella thing is an unforgivable cliche), this podcast is for you.

The ebook of Amara Sherm’s sports drama Null Point is available now in the Sparkler Shop–if you want some cool art, adorable tennis players, and one dude named Cairo who is just SO IRRITATING that you want to scream at the main character, “just ditch that guy already, he’s the worst!”, you should definitely check it out!

And we’re getting revved up for an exciting holiday season at Sparkler, so stay tuned this month for new announcements, offers, and exciting opportunities! We’re busy behind the scenes getting lots of goodies ready over the next few months, and we can’t wait for you to get your hot little hands on them.


The Sparkler Team