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May brings flowers, and comics galore!

Hello, hello, Sparkler Fans!

This month we’ve got a special treat: an EXTRA LONG (200 pages) all-comics issue! We’ve brought a couple of great ongoing series into the fold these last few weeks, the first being the magical and mystical Yellow Hearts, and the second being the dramatic and elegant Heart of Gold, and now they’re being joined by the precious and precocious Sunshine Boy! A slice-of-life story about Kelly, a sweet but awkward young boy who’s nervous about moving to a new town, and whose parents are adoring, but busy dealing with some of their own issues…until he meets Grey, the outgoing boy next door, and they become fast friends. We’ve got almost an entire graphic novel’s worth of content going up at once–two chapters and the start of the third–so there’s more than enough story for you to fall in love with, just as we did!

Plus, two current favorites, Orange Junk and Knights-Errant, also have new pages this month! Louise decides to find a part-time job to help out her family and figure out what she wants from life, while the Margrave accidentally lets some of Wil’s secret slip to Vitturi…!

And as an Orange Junk bonus, our Sparkler Podcast for the month features creator Heldrad, fresh from the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! She’s always a pleasure to talk to, so enjoy her chat with Sparkler editors Lianne & Becca. <3

We’ve launched another new initiative this month: the Sparkler Survey. The May edition is currently up, and you can fill it out in about two minutes. Your feedback helps us tailor Sparkler to your interests–and this month you can vote on our Tokyo Demons Kickstarter keychain and dakimakura characters, too! A new survey will be up every month as we try to make your Sparkler experience as awesome as possible. :-)

We’re also about halfway through our Kickstarter to print Magical How Vol. 1, with a little over 50% to go! Thanks as always for your help and support on that front–we all love cute boys in pretty dresses, and we’re super eager to see this go to press ASAP!

Happy reading, folks!


The Sparkler Staff

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