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UPDATE: Tokyo Demons body pillow voting begins now!

Update: Kiyoshi has won #TDdaki Round One!

Kiyoshi Wins #TDdaki Round One!(Illustration by Angeline Mauri of Devil’s Cake and Dusk in Kalevia: The Range.)

See the second round of voting (Sachi vs Miki)!

The incredible Rem is going to design a sexy Tokyo Demons bishonen dakimakura (NSFW link) for ages 16 and up. Yes, we’re doing a sexy body pillow case, because fujoshi. (And we’re in good company.) You’ll also get to vote which dude from Tokyo Demons is going on there and what outfit he’ll be falling out of, within good taste.

Don’t save your vote for later–you’ll automatically get another vote in the next round. Vote every round, and leave your biased arguments for why everyone should vote for your favorite dude in the comments below!


Jo vs Kiyoshi

Voting will run until Friday, May 29th, 11:59 pm EST

TDdaki_graphics_jo2 TDdaki_graphics_kiyoshi2

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