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Issue 21 coming soon…

Hello, beloved readers!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the last six weeks, as we announced the bulk of our spring comics line-up and released a ton of free back pages on our site. For those of you who haven’t been around, these are the series that have joined us in 2015:

Witch’s Quarry by Jen Lee Quick (formerly of Inkblazers)
Orange Junk by Heldrad (formerly of Inkblazers)
Lêttera by Kosen (formerly published in Spain)
Knights Errant by Jennifer Doyle (formerly of SmackJeeves)

We’re also preparing one more site redesign to better fit our new “freemium” model, in the hopes of making your Sparkler experience more enjoyable. Things have been changing drastically since January; thank you for your patience as we shift to a more comfortable fit!

We’ve decided to hold Issue 21 until the site redesign is ready, to avoid confusion. Issue 21 will be released next week. We’re aiming for Monday, but it may be a few days later if we run into last-minute technical issues. In addition, sparklermonthly.com may experience some downtime before Issue 21, but don’t be alarmed – it’s only us fixing this place up. :D

Thank you for your patience! We think you’ll enjoy the leaner, meaner Sparkler Monthly to usher in your spring. *fist-bump*

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