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Alisha Jade joins Sparkler Distro!

BIG updates to the Sparkler Shop this week!


Alisha Jade of Oh My! Comics has joined the Sparkler Distro program! We’re now selling three adorable, romantic mini comics (or a complete set, both physical and digital) of this Australia-based artist’s work. They’re totally squee and in some cases, totally hot as well! For both GL (lady x lady) and straight tastes, ho ho~. We’re proud to welcome Alisha, and we hope you’ll enjoy her work as much as we have.


And what’s this? The Orange Junk Vol 2 ebook (Chap 5-7, covering all pages released so far) is now in our store? For only $6? Indeed!


In addition, we’re excited to announce a game-changer in the Sparkler Shop: now all orders of $60 and up can get free USA shipping. YOU HEARD ME. Put $60+ of stuff in your cart, input your USA address, and the FREE SHIPPING option will pop up automatically for you to choose. And that applies to every product in our store, be it Sparkler Distro books, weird-shaped posters, or ebooks you throw into the cart last-minute to get you over $60. Now that we’re carrying the products of so many awesome webcomics people, you can nab enough stuff to overload your bookshelf no problem, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!