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Tokyo Demons 2 ebook (complete) in the Shop!


The complete Tokyo Demons Book 2: Add a Little Chaos ebook–featuring revised text from the online serialization, new illustrations from Romy-chan, and two bonus short stories (one about Adam, one about Nick x Hatsumi), the latter of which is not available online–is now available in the Sparkler Shop! If you were one of the Kickstarter supporters or Book 2 subscribers entitled to this, check your inbox! You should have a download link waiting for you right now. <3 A paperback version will be arriving in the next few months.

Book 3 will begin in a few weeks, in the October issue (Issue #015) of Sparkler Monthly!

If that’s not enough Tokyo Demons for you, don’t forget that Cherry Bomb has three exclusive short stories as well: Building Up (Ayase x Kiyoshi), Once & Never Again (Sachi x Kado), and the post-Book 2 Save Me/Don’t Save Me (Kado x Sachi). That last one has been very popular. :)

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