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Contest: Share Your World


(Hosted on the Sparkler Monthly Tumblr!)

We here at Sparkler Monthly believe in the power of getting lost in the worlds of stories we adore – and what’s cooler than inviting other people to share those worlds? Whether it’s loaning your favorite book to a close friend or inviting your buddies over to marathon that amazing new show, you’re inviting other people into your heart.

How do you share your world? Draw us a picture (or a mini-comic!), write a short story or poem, or maybe even make us a song or a video about the ways that you share beloved stories with beloved people. Don’t want to recreate yourself or other people you know? Feel free to use your original characters! (No fanart without the creator’s permission, please.)

The Sparkler editors will be awarding prizes to our favorite entries, judged on creativity, skill, and FEELS. The top prizes include cash, paperbacks, and subscriptions to our magazine!

Submit your entry via the Submit Link on the Sparkler Monthly Tumblr – we will reblog the entries that follow all the contest rules (so make sure you read below!):

Contest terms and conditions:

-Entries will be accepted until 11:59 P.M EST, June 30th, 2014.

-Include a name and contact that you’re okay with us posting (and a link for your characters, if they’re from your webcomic or something and you want other people to check it out). If you want your public credit to be anonymous, just mention that and let us know how we can contact you if you win.

-Only one entry per person.

You will retain all the rights to your work – we only reserve the right to share it on social media (with your credit) and feature the winners on our site.

-Employees or freelancers who work for Sparkler Monthly or Chromatic Press are not eligible for the prizes, although we’re happy to have them participate. We are open to submissions from all over the world!

-We have the right to not reblog submissions for content reasons.

-We’ll accept drawings, short comics, photographed crafts, music, and videos, as well as short stories and poems of 500 words or less. We picked the illustration above, drawn by Onorobo for Emily Compton‘s Dusk in Kalevia, as a great example of the kind of thing we’d love to see!


1st prize: US$200 cash prize, a year-long subscription to Sparkler Monthly, a one-month gift subscription to the friend of your choice, and your entry will be featured on the Sparkler Monthly site.

2nd prize: A year-long subscription to Sparkler, any three (3) paperbacks from our store (excluding Sparkler Distro), and your entry featured on the Sparkler site.

3rd prize: 6-month subscription, plus one (1) paperback (excluding Sparkler Distro).

Fan favorite: Whoever gets the most notes on our Tumblr (excluding the above winners) wins a year-long subscription and any one (1) item from our store – such as a book, keychain, or poster (excluding Sparkler Distro).

10 runners-up: An additional ten (10) awesome entries will win a one-month subscription to Sparkler Monthly!

Follow our Tumblr (sparklermonthly) to see the entries as we get them!

For any questions, post here or send an Ask on our Tumblr. Good luck!


Tumblr: #Sparkler share your world

Twitter: #Sparklershareyourworld

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Comments (7)
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  4. Pachi

    So should we submit the whole entry or just a link TO the entry so it can be reblogged?

    Do we include our contact information in the submit box when we give the link to the post?

    Sorry, I’m just a little unclear on what to do exactly! Thanks!

    • Lianne Sentar

      Whoops, didn’t get notification of this comment. Sorry!

      Yeah, we ask people to submit to our Tumblr and just include their info at the bottom of the entry. Then we’ll blog it on the company Tumblr and include/take out relevant info (we add a little note about the contest at the bottom of each entry, too). For an example:


      But Pachi, I think you already entered? Whatever you did is fine; this info is for anyone else curious. :)

      • Pachitastic

        I ended up getting antsy and impatient and figured I should go ahead and submit before I got distracted or chickened out, haha.

        I’m glad I did it right and thank you for answering!!