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March-ing Onward!

Here at Sparkler we like to think that March not only comes in like a lion, but it goes out with a roar! We’ve got some really exciting stuff coming up all month, so there’s a lot to look forward to, not in the least because we’re officially getting close to the grand finale of not one, but TWO Sparkler series. This month we’ve got the almost-penultimate chapter of Gauntlet–and in honor of our first Sparkler-original prose series wrapping up, ALL back chapters of Gauntlet will be out from behind the paywall for the next two weeks!

And as hard as it is to believe, we’re actually getting to the long-awaited conclusion of Off*Beat! This month will feature the first half of Chapter 18, which means next month we’ll be finishing up the series with the second half of 18, and…a little epilogue. ;-) And just to whet your appetites a little more, Tory and Colin will be our cover models in April, as well! Eeee!!

Also, we’ve got our first one-shot comic launching this month with Denise Schroeder’s “Before You Go,” on March 14th! Plus, there will be new chapters of Dusk in Kalevia and  Tokyo Demonsboth audio and prose.

In more general news, the March fanart prompt is up in the forums! There’s no prize this time around, but we still love seeing what you all come up with! http://sparklermonthly.com/forums/topic/monthly-prompt-challenge-3-march/

There’s still another 48 or so for anyone who wants to send us an audio pitch! The submissions deadline is Sunday, 11:59pm EST: http://sparklermonthly.com/forums/topic/february-is-audio-month/

And last but not least, Cherry Bomb, our 18+ line, launches this month as well, and just wait ’til you see what we’ve been cooking up for you!

Hopefully the polar vortex has done its worst for the year, but if not, feel free to hunker down with Sparkler to keep you warm! I’ll be hanging out here in Los Angeles, knitting hats for all my poor frozen comrades back East…