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A month of romance!

It’s a huge month for us here at Sparkler–we’ve got all four of our prose series updating, a new chapter of Awake, and a new chapter of Off*Beat! 

And for our subscriber exclusive this month, Jess Chavez brings us a Dead Endings side-story about what our favorite spirit hunters do on the most romantic night of the year. (BTW, while planning this story, we had a little internal discussion about our favorite Valentine’s experiences, and mine involved drinking heavily with some college friends while watching men’s Olympic figure skating. It was awesome! But not nearly as awesome as what Gabriella and Cailen are up to…)

In other news, we’re looking for audio pitches, so if you’re a fan of Japanese drama CDs, or you’re part of the Welcome to Night Vale craze and want to try your hand crafting something to tickle the ears of Sparkler subscribers and make their hearts go pitter-pat, this is your chance! Becca, our head of audio, is fielding questions in the forum all month, and our general guidelines can be found here as well:  (http://sparklermonthly.com/submissions-questions/)

Also, winners have been chosen in our January Fanart contest, but the Valentine’s Fanart Prompt will run all through this month, ending in a raffle on March 1st. Read all about it here: http://sparklermonthly.com/forums/topic/monthly-prompt-challenge-2-february/  We got some amazing submissions the first time around, and we’re all eager to see more!

Happy Valentine’s Day!