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Little hiccup with Off*Beat this month

Hey, Sparkler readers! We’re sorry to say that Off*Beat is unexpectedly behind this month; Jen has been having issues with her baby. (Nothing serious, thankfully! Just a baby being a baby. :D) She’s still working her butt off to catch up, and we’ve rearranged this month’s schedule to compensate:

Week 3 (Friday, Jan 17th): Tokyo Demons Audio, Chapter 8, Part 2

Week 4 (Friday, Jan 24th) Tokyo Demons prose, Chapter 7, Part 1

Week 5 (Friday, Jan 31st): Dusk in Kalevia debut!

We’re hoping that we’ll have an Off*Beat release somewhere in there, but we won’t announce anything until we have more solid news from Jen. Sorry for the delay!

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