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More Off*Beat, upcoming sale, gift subscriptions, job postings

Another busy week at Sparkler Monthly headquarters! Off*Beat is back today with Chapter 15 for subscribers, and boy, it’s AWESOME. :D And now Awake Chapter 4 is out from behind the paywall, so everyone can stream the audio for free (including on Bandcamp).

We’ve added Gift Subscriptions to our store, if you want to be an awesome friend and give the gift of Sparkler this holiday. We also posted for our first jobs this week–prose copy editors and an audio intern–so read more about that on our Jobs page, if you want to join the Sparkler team! Those positions need to be filled quickly, so the postings won’t be up long.

And don’t forget about our contest running in the forum. Only a few more weeks for that, so go join our community for the chance to win a cool prize! As a side benefit, maybe you’ll make a forever friend…? :D

See you next Friday, for our special short story and a Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale (as well as a new, beautiful item in our store). Be here! We’ll be waiting. <3