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First Sparkler contest–in our forums!

In addition to posting the new section of Dire Hearts (Chapter 2, Part 2; a shorter chapter than usual to wrap up Chapter 2) and our special bonus Sexy Guys of Sparkler Pin-Ups to subscribers, we’ve also announced our first contest: for every five posts in the forum, a user will be entered in a raffle for a number of prizes! You can be entered as many times as you want. Read the rules here. And remember that anyone can post in the forum as long as she/he has a free (or paid) subscription to the site, as you can see here.

And of course, last week’s chapter of Gauntlet (Chapter 4) is now out from behind the paywall for a limited time, so read it for free while you can!

See you next week for more goodies in our action-packed November. <3

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