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Issue #004 and new site design!

Welcome to our new look at Sparkler Monthly! Based on the original design by Jordan Acosta, this reboot is courtesy of Lissa Pattillo, the newest member of the Sparkler staff (although really, she’s been doing great work for a long time…she designed the new Off*Beat Vol 1-2 covers, among other things). Big round of applause for our tireless web staff!

We’re going to be fixing bugs and tweaking this design all month, so if you spot any problems or want to make  suggestions, just leave a comment here or contact us through our Chromatic Press contact page. We want this place to be a real playground for you, so don’t be shy!

We’re going to be rolling out a lot of new stuff throughout November, including work by a writer and two artists new to Sparkler, our first contest, and submissions updates–so be sure to check our updates every Friday for our usual content and more surprises! (Five Fridays in November, which makes November EXTRA SPECIAL. :D) Oh, and we just added a bunch of new products to our Shop, including merch for Dire HeartsGauntletand Awake.

Have fun~! <3

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