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Issue #003 launches, Bandcamp, paywall tweaks

Our third issue is now live! Gauntlet Chapter 3 and our subscriber exclusive this month – an Off*Beat mini comic about Paul – are up for subscribers. Check them out! As mentioned earlier, all chapters in an issue are spread out across the Fridays in that month, so stay tuned for more content every week! For this issue, that includes Dire Hearts Chapter 2, a week from today. <3

We’ve also tweaked our paywall, to keep things clearer – instead of a chapter going up on Friday for subscribers and Monday for the rest of the public, the chapter will be opened up to the public the following Friday (in other words, the initial subscriber paywall stays up for a week). This is to keep all of our updates on Fridays, to avoid the confusion of the Monday updates. After that one-week paywall, the chapter is free to read until the next chapter is released to subscribers (usually 3 weeks, unless the creator is taking a month off). That general structure hasn’t changed.

However, in the case of the audio department specifically, we’ve decided to allow extra time for free listening. :) For both Awake and Tokyo Demons Audio, once the one-week paywall is down, streaming will remain free for all the chapters until the book is complete. (Downloads will be available for a charge.) This is so that more people can enjoy our audio series in Year 1 of the magazine; we’re especially excited about the work coming out of that department and want to spread the joy far and wide! We’re doing the majority of our streaming through Bandcamp now. For a list of all available Sparkler audio tracks, check out our new Sparkler Bandcamp page.

Oh, and our yearly memberships (now called “Year+” instead of “Launch”) will stay at $60 for 13 months indefinitely. Some of you have been asking for gift subscriptions, and those should be available in a week or two – we’re still ironing out the final wrinkles in functionality. Sorry for the delay!

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