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Issue #002 begins, changes to the site

Issue #002 is live! As we’ve mentioned in the newsletter and on Twitter, every issue starting with #002 will have its releases spread out over the course of the month: basically, each series is assigned one of the four Fridays in a month, and on that Friday, the chapter goes up for subscribers. That Monday, the chapter is released for free reading until the NEXT chapter comes out for subscribers (except for the Tokyo Demons prose and audio, which will stay free). This way, the first AND current chapter of every serial will always be free to read, and anything in-between will go behind the paywall for paying subscriber eyes only! *James Bond music* We have a handy chart on the paywall redirect to lay this out:

Publishing Schedule for Sparkler Monthly Issue #002, Sept 2013

Available to Subscribers
Available Free to Read
Gauntlet Chap 2
Friday, Sept 6
Monday, Sept 9
Thursday, Oct 3
Interview with Christy Lijewski (creator of Dire Hearts
(subscriber exclusive)
Friday, Sept 6
subscribers only
Tokyo Demons Audio Book 1: Chapter 7, Part 2
Friday, Sept 13
Monday, Sept 16
and forever after
Off*Beat Chapter 14
Friday, Sept 20
Monday, Sept 23
Thursday, Oct 17
Tokyo Demons prose Book 2: Chapter 5, Part 2
Friday, Sept 27
Monday, Sept 30
and forever after
Friday, Sept 27
Monday, Sept 30
Thursday, Oct 24
Dire Hearts
(creator month off)
Sparkler Issue #003
Sparkler Issue #003

For those series that are still on a lag (basically anything other than Gauntlet), keep in mind that this lag will only last for a few more weeks; once the last Friday of Sept rolls around, all the serials will be locked into their new schedules, and new chapters will come out every 4 weeks (unless the creator is taking a month off). Sparkler will always have a minimum of 5 new chapters per month + one piece of subscriber-exclusive bonus material. Woo! Oh, and for you Dire Hearts fans, that series has been assigned the second Friday of every month, the same day as Tokyo Demons Audio.

We’ve also started our Sparkler Monthly Back Issue Downloads with Issue #001. Subscribers always have free downloads of all current chapters, but once a chapter is no longer “current,” it will become part of its Back Issue in the shop, where the entire issue can be downloaded for a flat fee of $5. Gauntlet Chapter 1 is the only chapter that has been kicked to a Back Issue Download exclusively (subscribers can download Chapter 2 for free now instead). And if you were looking for downloadable back chapters of Tokyo Demons (which was folded into Sparkler after it started running), you can get those through our two recently updated products: Book 2 ebook Subscription and Audio .mp3 Set.

Baby announcement!

We’re happy to report that Jen Lee Quick (Off*Beat) had her first child a few weeks ago! And because she’s awesome, Off*Beat is still running this month. (Whoa!) Read more details and leave her a message here!

See you next Friday for a new chapter of Tokyo Demons Audio!

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