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Congratulations to Jen Lee Quick!

We’re thrilled to report that Jen Lee Quick (Off*Beat) has just given birth to her first child!

Update: She’s posted her first public message and a PICTURE OF HER ADORABLE baby on her Tumblr here! SQUEE!

Both Jen and her baby are healthy and happy. Congratulations, Jen! XD

Off*Beat Chapter 14 will still run in Sparkler Monthly Issue #002, but Jen will be taking off Issue #003 (and possibly #004) for Maternity Leave. Once she returns, she’ll continue Off*Beat Volume 3 until its completion. Sparkler will maintain its minimum of 5 chapters per month with material by other creators.

If you’d like to leave a congratulatory note to Jen below, please do so! We’re also happy to post gift art with your permission, so either tag your Tumblr in the comments or even submit to editorial@chromaticpress.com for later archiving on this page.

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