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Store and membership bugs fixed, now shipping all products, submissions update

Off*Beat Chapter 13 (Vol 3, Chap 1)

After our soft launch last week, we’ve been fixing the little bugs that popped up as soon as we went live. Now we’re happy to say that any store bugs (like not allowing orders from all countries) have been fixed, all backlogged orders of physical products have been shipped, and our shipping staff is back in the office, so all physical products will be shipping at a normal schedule now (usually within 2 business days of an order). For those of you who already purchased from the Sparkler Shop, thank you for your support! And for the rest of you who were waiting for us to get our act together, now the process is smoother than ever. :D

Signing up for a free membership is fixed as well. Either click the “register” button on the righthand column of the site OR on the “memberships” button on the top menu. You’ll be asked if you want to subscribe to the free Sparkler newsletter, which will start this week. And next week – forums!

Since some people are confused about what chapters are available to read right now, here’s some clarification:

Issue #000: This is the preview issue posted right now. Anyone can read the first chapter of Off*Beat, read/listen to all of Tokyo Demons that’s been released over the past two years (much is still hosted on tokyodemons.com), read a preview of Gauntlet, and check out some write-ups/art/character profiles for Dire Hearts and Awake. If you want to read Chapters 2-12 of Off*Beat, which are the rest of Volumes 1-2, you can purchase them as ebooks or paperbacks (which also contain exclusive bonus material). You can also buy the ebook or paperback of Tokyo Demons: Book 1, also with exclusive bonus content, and the first Tokyo Demons Audio set (as a download or CDs).

Issue #1: This will be released in late July. It will be free to read forever, and will contain the following: Off*Beat Chapter 13 (the first chapter of Volume 3), Tokyo Demons Book 2: Chapter 5, and the first chapters of Dire Hearts, Gauntlet, and Awake. This is when we’ll open up paid subscriptions, which are $5 a month and will give you 3 downloadable ebook versions of all written serials (.pdf, .mobi, and .epub) in that month’s issue, and will open up the paywall that hides extra read-only content: like Chapters 2-12 of Off*Beat, a bonus article, and hidden forums. As time goes on, back issues of the magazine and the pile of hidden subscriber exclusives will form a  mountain of treasures.

Also new this week: we’ve opened a new page for anyone who wants to submit fiction pitches to our magazine. If you’ve pitched  to us in the past or want to pitch in the future, we’ve updated our schedules and opened comments so you can directly ask us questions, even if you’re not following us on Twitter. :D

See you soon!

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