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Site and store launched, info on subscriptions and Issue #1!

sparkleronlineWelcome to Sparkler Monthly, a digital fiction magazine brought to you by Chromatic Press! For those of you who have been following us since we announced ourselves as a company, thank you for your continued support, including the many of you who participated in our successful Off*Beat reprint Kickstarter.

We’re happy to say that those of you who wanted to buy the Off*Beat books/ebooks/merch but missed the Kickstarter can now catch up to your friends: we’re selling a lot of those products in our newly launched shop! Unfortunately, since this site is going live while the shop managers are traveling across the country, all physical products in the store won’t be shipping until Wednesday, July 10th. But you can order anything you want now and they’ll get dropped in the mail next week. And all digital products are downloads, so you’ll receive those purchases immediately, even if our shop staff has to travel to outer space. We’ll also be selling all the goods at Otakon in Baltimore this August at the Chromatic Press table (Booth R11 in Artist Alley, next to the lovely plush heaven of our merchandise partner Lucky Squid Studios).

Please forgive the mess as we iron out a few more wrinkles on this new website –we haven’t quite finished prepping the place for Sparkler Monthly Issue #1, which will launch in late July. But we hope you enjoy the few teasers we could put up, including the first glimpse at the heretofore unannounced audio drama Awake! It will be our first full-blown audio drama (a step past the dramatized audio book for Tokyo Demons) and, like Tokyo Demons, is a largely Toronto production. Our production staff and actors have been doing a phenomenal job and we’re excited to finally reveal the tip of the iceberg of their work.

Memberships to the magazine have been closed until Issue #1 launches, but you can sign up for a free username and password now. Issue #1 will remain free to read forever, but a $5 monthly membership will give you access to downloadable ebook versions of all the serials, exclusive membership content, hidden forums, and a breach through the read-only paywall of future (and past!) releases, including the chapters in Volumes 1-2 of Off*Beat.

More info on that when Issue #1 is here. We’ll see you then! In the meantime, any questions or concerns can be directed to editorial(at)chromaticpress.com. Thanks!

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