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Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die

Fantasy RPG Podcast, 16+
Updates Monthly

A Call Away From Home

LGBT+ Slice of Life, 13+
Updates Thurs (1 page)

The Jackon Lunta Snow Dance Song

LGBT+ Hockey Magic, 13+
Updates monthly

Never Heroes: Yellow Hearts

LGBT+ Character Drama, 16+
Updates Tues (1 page)

Null Point

Friendship/sports drama, 13+
Updates Thurs (1 page)


Dark drama/romance, 13+
Updates Thurs (1 page)

Uncanny Valley High

Glitchy high school comedy, 10+

Sunshine Boy

LGBT+ Slice of Life, 13+
Updates Wed (2 pages)

Heart of Gold

LGBT+ Romantic Mystery/Drama, 16+
Updates Wed (2 pages)

Yellow Hearts

LGBT+ Character Drama, 16+
Updates Tues (1 page)

Magical How?

Magical Girl/Boys' Love Comedy, 16+
Updates Wed (1 page)
Paperback Kickstarted!


LGBT+ Historical Drama, 16+
Updates Tues (1 page)

Decoy and Retrofit

BL Apocalypse Sci-Fi, 16+
Novel Complete!


Historical Adventure LGBT, 13+
Updates Tues (1 page)

Before You Go

Girl’s Love Sweet Romance, 13+
Story #3 complete, now an ebook!

Orange Junk

Shojo Romantic Comedy, 13+
Updates Mon/Wed/Fri (1 page)

Out of Sync

Boy's Love Idol Romance, 16+
Complete video game! New story Feb 2018!

Dead Endings

Dark Comedy Ghost Story, 16+
Updates every other month

Short Stories (prose)

One-shot prose stories
Newest story: The Get-Together by Anne Camlin


Comedy Fantasy Adventure, 16+
Updates Mon/Wed/Fri (1 page)

Nine Circles

Modern drama/horror, 16+
Updates Tue/Thurs (1 page)

Situation Audio Dramas

One-shot audio stories
Last update: Bad Chemistry, Feb 2016

Sparkler Podcast

Industry news, Feminism, Geekiness, 16+
Updates monthly

Tokyo Demons

Urban Fantasy Adventure Drama, 16+
New Cherry Bomb March 2017

The Cat Lover’s Circumstances

Geeky Modern Comedy, 13+
Last update: Chap 8, Jan 2017


Boy’s Love Mystery Drama
Series complete!

Sparkler RPG: ESPU

Urban Fantasy Game, 16+
Updates vary

Mahou Josei Chimaka

Magical Girl Woman Satire, 16+
Series complete!

Witch’s Quarry

LGBT Fantasy Adventure, 16+
Vol 2 complete!


Sci-Fi Musician Drama, 16+
Novel complete!

Dusk in Kalevia

Alt History Boy’s Love Supernatural, 16+
Novel complete!

Shut In Shut Out

Modern-day Friendship Drama, 13+
Story complete!

For Peace

Lady Trucker Romance, 16+
Series complete!

Dinner Ditz

Boy’s Love Cooking Comedy, 13+
Series complete!

Inhabitant of Another Planet

LGBT Historical Romance Drama, 13+
Series complete! New ebook!

The Ring of Saturn

Musical Historical Drama, 13+
Series complete!


Dark Fantasy Western, 16+
Vol 1 complete!


Science Fiction Mystery Drama, 16+
Series Complete!

Tokyo Demons

Fully-voiced audio book
Book 1 complete!


Survival Horror, Romance, 16+
Novel complete!

Dire Hearts

Fantasy Adventure, 13+
On hiatus

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Sparkler Gets Dramatic

September 24th, 2018
Hey, Sparkler fans! We hope you’re all safe and sound after an intense start to hurricane season. This month, we’ve got some serious family drama in both Magical How and Windrose–the kind that might end with a body count. The boys’ dads engage in some very awkward bonding in Sunshine Boy, and shit hits the […]

Year 6 begins with a Kickstarter and a new series!

September 1st, 2018
It’s that special time again, Sparkler fans! After completing five (!) full years of this digital magazine–60 issues in all–we’re here to kick off Year 6 with an exciting Kickstarter! \^o^/ Like the last several years, the Sparkler Monthly Magazine: Year 6 Kickstarter just launched and will be running for about a month–this is how we […]

EDITORIAL: Year 4 Submissions Special: Sparkler School Storytelling 101

August 30th, 2016
Welcome to the first installment of Sparkler School, our series of in-depth guidelines for developing your own fiction! This was originally a Member Exclusive, but we've decided to post a free online version in honor of our Open Submissions (Sept 2016). Enjoy!
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