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Life’s a Witch so Roll a Die

Fantasy RPG Podcast, 16+
Updates Monthly

A Call Away From Home

LGBT+ Slice of Life, 13+
Updates Thurs (1 page)

The Jackon Lunta Snow Dance Song

LGBT+ Hockey Magic, 13+
Updates monthly

Never Heroes: Yellow Hearts

LGBT+ Character Drama, 16+
Updates Tues (1 page)

Null Point

Friendship/sports drama, 13+
Updates Thurs (1 page)


Dark drama/romance, 13+
Updates Thurs (1 page)

Uncanny Valley High

Glitchy high school comedy, 10+

Sunshine Boy

LGBT+ Slice of Life, 13+
Updates Wed (2 pages)

Heart of Gold

LGBT+ Romantic Mystery/Drama, 16+
Updates Wed (2 pages)

Yellow Hearts

LGBT+ Character Drama, 16+
Updates Tues (1 page)

Magical How?

Magical Girl/Boys' Love Comedy, 16+
Updates Wed (1 page)
Paperback Kickstarted!


LGBT+ Historical Drama, 16+
Updates Tues (1 page)

Decoy and Retrofit

BL Apocalypse Sci-Fi, 16+
Novel Complete!


Historical Adventure LGBT, 13+
Updates Tues (1 page)

Before You Go

Girl’s Love Sweet Romance, 13+
Story #3 complete, now an ebook!

Orange Junk

Shojo Romantic Comedy, 13+
Updates Mon/Wed/Fri (1 page)

Out of Sync

Boy's Love Idol Romance, 16+
Complete video game! New story Feb 2018!

Dead Endings

Dark Comedy Ghost Story, 16+
Updates every other month

Short Stories (prose)

One-shot prose stories
Newest story: The Get-Together by Anne Camlin


Comedy Fantasy Adventure, 16+
Updates Mon/Wed/Fri (1 page)

Nine Circles

Modern drama/horror, 16+
Updates Tue/Thurs (1 page)

Situation Audio Dramas

One-shot audio stories
Last update: Bad Chemistry, Feb 2016

Sparkler Podcast

Industry news, Feminism, Geekiness, 16+
Updates monthly

Tokyo Demons

Urban Fantasy Adventure Drama, 16+
New Cherry Bomb March 2017

The Cat Lover’s Circumstances

Geeky Modern Comedy, 13+
Last update: Chap 8, Jan 2017


Boy’s Love Mystery Drama
Series complete!

Sparkler RPG: ESPU

Urban Fantasy Game, 16+
Updates vary

Mahou Josei Chimaka

Magical Girl Woman Satire, 16+
Series complete!

Witch’s Quarry

LGBT Fantasy Adventure, 16+
Vol 2 complete!


Sci-Fi Musician Drama, 16+
Novel complete!

Dusk in Kalevia

Alt History Boy’s Love Supernatural, 16+
Novel complete!

Shut In Shut Out

Modern-day Friendship Drama, 13+
Story complete!

For Peace

Lady Trucker Romance, 16+
Series complete!

Dinner Ditz

Boy’s Love Cooking Comedy, 13+
Series complete!

Inhabitant of Another Planet

LGBT Historical Romance Drama, 13+
Series complete! New ebook!

The Ring of Saturn

Musical Historical Drama, 13+
Series complete!


Dark Fantasy Western, 16+
Vol 1 complete!


Science Fiction Mystery Drama, 16+
Series Complete!

Tokyo Demons

Fully-voiced audio book
Book 1 complete!


Survival Horror, Romance, 16+
Novel complete!

Dire Hearts

Fantasy Adventure, 13+
On hiatus

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Sparkler in the Spotlight

November 29th, 2018
Hi, Sparkler fans! This month, our cover features Orange Junk‘s newest and most famous character, Aimeé! When a real-live celebrity joins their class and their friend group, what are attention-hating Bruce and caustic, difficult Miles to do? Will the entire school be thrown into chaos as they try to snap a pic? Will Jack ever […]

Boo! Say hello to the new issue of Spookler–er, SPARKLER!

October 25th, 2018
Get comfy in your favorite costume and pull up a big bowl of candy, because it’s time for our boo-tiful new Halloween issue! We always love doing a fun Halloween cover, and this year, we’re featuring cosplay AND a crossover from Moosopp’s two comic series: Sunshine Boy and A Call Away from Home! The cover art is […]

EDITORIAL: Year 4 Submissions Special: Sparkler School Storytelling 101

August 30th, 2016
Welcome to the first installment of Sparkler School, our series of in-depth guidelines for developing your own fiction! This was originally a Member Exclusive, but we've decided to post a free online version in honor of our Open Submissions (Sept 2016). Enjoy!
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