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Sparkler Podcast #01-26 downloads


Downloads of all our free podcasts so far – just grab the newest one or download them all from the beginning!

Podcast #01 – Behind the scenes at Sparkler

Podcast #02 – The Sparkler editors answer your questions, discuss Year 2

Podcast #03 – Interview and round table with Jen Lee Quick (Off*Beat, Gatesmith, Witch’s Quarry)

Podcast #04 – Sparkler editors discuss writing love and sex in the Female Gaze

Podcast #05 – Taking a peek into Sparkler 2015

Podcast #06 –  The Western comics market vs manga industry, and what about josei?

Podcast #07 – Interview and round table with Jennifer Doyle (Knights-Errant)

Podcast #08 – Fangirlish video games

Podcast #09 – Tabletop RPGs: Beginners and vets

Podcast #10 – Female Characters: Creation & Appreciation

Podcast #11 – Working in the Manga Industry

Podcast #12 – Creator round table with Ellery Prime (Gauntlet) & Jenn Grunigen (Skyglass)

Podcast #13 – Sparkler RPG and ESPU

Podcast #14 – All About Audio Dramas

Podcast #15 – Suffering Feels in Fiction (Knights-ErrantTokyo Demons)

Podcast #16 – Roundtable with creator team KaiJu!
(Mahou Josei ChimakaInhabitant of Another Planet)

Podcast #17 – Roundtable with creators Emily Compton and Onorobo (Dusk in Kalevia)

Podcast #18 – Sparkler Year 4…?

Podcast #19 – Animated Series

Podcast #20 – Roundtable with creator Eurika Yusin Gho (Magical How?)

Podcast #21 – Visual Novel Video Games

Podcast #22 – Heldrad, creator of Orange Junk

Podcast #23 – Tokyo Demons/Tokyo Ghosts with Caporushes (Zoey) of Gutter Queens

Podcast #24Yuri!!! on ICE with mklutz of /report

Podcast #25 – Roundtable with creator Denise Schroeder (Before You Go)

Podcast #26 – Kickstarter Tips and Tricks

Podcast #27 – Otome Road in Tokyo

Leave extra comments, suggestions, or questions for future episodes on the individual podcast pages.

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