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Sparkler + Fresh Romance Starter Bundle!
Sparkler Monthly Director's Cut: Part 1 (comics)Fresh Romance Issue #001Sparkler Monthly Director's Cut: Part 2 (prose & audio)Fresh Romance Issue #002Knights-Errant (Sparkler Monthly) previewSchool Spirit (Fresh Romance) previewWindrose_prevThe Ruby Equation (Fresh Romance) previewMagical How? (Sparkler Monthly) previewRuined (Fresh Romance) preview

Sparkler + Fresh Romance Starter Bundle


Not sure where to start with all this Female Gaze goodness? Buy the 2 complete digital issues of Sparkler Monthly: Director’s Cut – which contains SIXTEEN first chapters of our comics, illustrated prose, and audio dramas – and get the first two digital issues of Fresh Romance magazine by Rosy Press, a separate magazine of all Female Gaze romance comics, absolutely free! Our publishers have teamed up to give you a value pack of TONS of fiction to download right this second! If you like what you read, there’s plenty more on our site and in Fresh Romance

This bundle is 650+ pages and over an hour of audio!

Product Description

672 pages + 70 minutes of audio.

Each Sparkler Monthly issue is offered as a PDF with accompanying mp3s. Each Fresh Romance issue is offered in three formats: .pdf (computer and most e-readers), epub (iBooks and other e-readers), and .cbr (jpgs).

Once you purchase this item, you will instantly be e-mailed download links, although you may need to check your email’s spam filter. To combat piracy, you are limited to downloading each file 6 times. If you have trouble downloading your purchase or don’t receive the email, please contact store@chromaticpress.com.


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