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Comments (10)
  1. Azalee

    I don’t know what to believe or think!!! Only thing I know is I’m loving this entire arc/development but????? WHAT IS GOING ON SHOULD I HATE OLBRECHT OR NOT

  2. Dirm12

    Just started reading this a few days ago, all caught up now, so confused as to which army and which king and who rebelled and who converted and…. ugh.

  3. animatrxangel

    Part of me really wants this guy to die because of the things he has done but another part of me wants him to live for the sole purpose of explaining himself to her I mean seriously.BROKEN HER IS A BIT OF AN EXAGGERATION, YOU TOOK A HAPPY LOVING AND CARING CHILD AND RUINED IT!!!!

  4. Sascha

    I never read the old series (I only knew of spoilers in terms of Wil’s gender, and someone else’s secret) so I have to say, not knowing anything, makes the comment section feel very black/white.